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6 reasons why you should do sports while in college

It's simpler than you think.
For some, doing sports feels like the worst thing in the world. Are you going to run? Why would someone hurt themselves in this way? Who has time for such a thing, especially when you're in college? However, I think doing sports is a great escape especially during university years. Playing sports can be a great relief if you have had a good, bad, stressful, long or boring day. There are a lot of worries and thoughts circulating in the minds of college students, and the best way to silence these thoughts is to turn up the music and create some steam in the gym. While the gym is not for everyone, here are 6 great reasons why a college student should go to the gym to improve his body and mind:

1. Don't let stress build up

There's a lot of stress coming from being a university student because of going to class, doing homework and projects, and possibly having a job or internship to go. Of course, although drinking or being drunk may seem like a good escape from these stressful times, it is obvious that there is still an accumulated stress in your body. Running or lifting weights is a great way to physically remove this accumulated stress from the body. You can be sure that you will feel less stressful the moment you feel that your blood is pumping in the gym.

2. Look good, feel good.

Playing sports is an excellent way to increase physical appearance and self-confidence. The university is our phase of getting to know ourselves, and there is no better way to show ourselves and feel better than to go to the gym regularly, even for just 30 minutes!

3. Recall the high school athlete inside.

Since I got used to playing basketball and volleyball every day after high school, I was very excited to have free time after classes when I first entered the university. This made me very lazy in the first year of the university, suggesting that I no longer need to do sports. Then I quickly regained my love of doing sports differently. Sport has been my escape from lessons and assignments, rather than being forced to participate or be said to participate. Maybe we were not all semi-professional or professional athletes when we were in high school, but probably most of us were doing more physical activity when we were in high school. Don't let that athlete inside you escape from you just because you are at the university and do not do team sports.

4. Take a break from studying.

Studying and doing tons of homework requires hours of sitting. Take a break from studying, keep your mind away from school for 1 hour, and go to the gym to stimulate your muscles. It is important to train both your mind and body.

5. Get rid of your excess weight.

It is obviously a little difficult to get used to eating fast food in the cafeteria instead of home cooking made by your mother after entering the university. A simple way to avoid gaining excess weight in college is to exercise every time you have the opportunity. None of us can escape from fast and easy to eat fried meals such as patso and sausage. However, you can prevent weight gain by taking advantage of the student discount opportunities (free gym or student discount gym) of being a university student!

6. Increase your energy.

While it may be tempting to take a nap in the library between classes or after a long day, keep your body working instead. Doing so helps you stay active and energetic throughout the day, rather than causing you to wake up even more restless and tired after a two-hour nap.
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