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17 reasons to start running

Among the hustle and bustle of everyday life, finding time and motivation for exercise can be difficult. However, the physical and mental benefits of running are well worth it. Like the ones written in motivational visuals followed on social media: "I really regret that run, said no one ever." If you're curious about starting running and looking for some inspiration, here are 17 great reasons to start running:

1. Running Relieves Your Head

Running Woman in the City
Photo source: PeopleImages / DigitalVision / Getty Images
Running can help if you are stuck on a problem or have a mental pause. Ashley Crossman, the running coach, personal trainer and owner of She Runs Strong, says running is a great way to get rid of mental dullness. And in a study published by the American Academy of Neurology in 2014, it was found that those with higher cardiovascular form had better cognitive ability. "If I'm stuck finding something to write or trying to solve a personal or business problem, I'm on my way to run," Crossman says. “I come home with a solution at ninety-five percent of the time.”

2. Running can help you live longer

Jogging Old Man and Woman
Photo source: Adobe Stock / Halfpoint
That's right! Running can help you live a longer and healthier life. In a study published by Internal Medicine journal of Stanford University in 2008, it was found that running gave individuals a "considerable advantage in extending life". The researchers followed 284 runners and 156 non-runners in their early fifties. 19 years later, 34 percent of those who did not run, only 15 percent of those who died. Runners also reported less than age-related illnesses and better overall health. 

3. Running Can Protect Your Brain

Young Man Tying His Running Shoe
Photo source: Adobe Stock / Sergey Nivens
Running on the sidewalk (or treadmill or on the road) can help prevent memory loss as you age. In a study published in the journal Neurology in 2012 (Journal Neurology), individuals who participate in more active activities physically experience less brain shrinkage over time. The study also found that physical activities are more effective in preventing brain shrinkage than mental or social activities. The next time you think about doing a crossword puzzle, start tying your running shoes, taking this information into account instead.  

4. Running Run Fixes Your Mode

Motivational Athlete Running on the Beach
Photo source: Adobe Stock / Marco Govel
Running can be a good healing for sad moments and situations. If you are down, running can increase your mental state as well as provide physical benefit. In 2005, in the study of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, it was found that a 30-minute energetic exercise can improve your mood and general condition. To improve your physical and mental health, create a regular running routine for high impact. 

5. Running Never Closes 

Woman Jogging on City Streets
Photo source: Howard Kingsnorth / Taxi / Getty Images
Unlike many gyms or fitness classes that follow a pre-installed program, which stay open until a certain time every day, you can go for a run at any time motivation suppresses. If you work at odd hours and have trouble keeping up with classes in the gym, if you're a night owl or an early runner, running is a convenient exercise that you can adapt as long as your crazy schedule allows. 

6. Running is a Healthy “I” Time

Young And Fit Woman Jogging On The Beach
Photo source: Guido Mieth / Taxi / Getty Images
It can be difficult to avoid daily chaos when you're in the middle of meetings at work, running on the beach with friends, social imperatives and e-mails awaiting an answer in your inbox, and messages on social media are being stacked regularly. Running coach Ashley Crossman says that running at your preference may be with the community or alone. "It's usually the only" I "time I can get," he says. "With the demands of business life and family, running is sometimes the only time I can spare 100 percent for myself," he says. “If you need to reduce pressure and move away, grab your sneakers and throw yourself on the open beach.

7. Running Reduces Stress 

Young Man Getting Pained in Running Spleen
Photo source: Adobe Stock / SolisImages
When you have an upcoming deadline, exercising may feel like the last thing you can spare, but the benefits of running actually reduce stress and help you work more effectively. Researchers at the University of Missouri-Colombia have found that one of the best ways to reduce stress and anxiety is intense exercise. "Running is a great stress reliever," says running coach Ashley Crossman. "There's nothing better than a good run to let your frustrations, stress and anger come out."

8. Running Outside The Door

Woman Running in the Forest and Listening to Music
Photo source: Adobe Stock / PointImages
Running is one of the most accessible excellent exercises. Marissa Gee, owner and head coach of CorporateActive and international coach at Santa Monica College, praises the run as one of the only exercises that requires no equipment, space, field and other participants for your participation. “Running can be the most liberating, honest sport. You can start anytime, anywhere, ”he says. “All you need is your shoes.” And before you start running, getting the right kind of shoe is important in preventing injuries. Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society proposes to choose a shoe with suitable shock absorber and heel control. 

9. Running is an Effective Calorie Burner 

Man Running Blue Shirt
Photo source: Adobe Stock / bernardbodo
Running is one of the best calorie burning exercises. According to Harvard Medical School (Harvard Medical School), a person running 155 kilos, running a mile every 12 minutes, burns an average of 298 calories every 30 minutes. In comparison, walking a mile every 17 minutes, yoga or aerobics burn 149 calories, while lifting weights during the same time burns 112 calories. 

10. Running Helps You Read Books

Black and Curly Hair Woman Running on the Beach
Photo source: Kevin Kozicki / Image Source / Getty Images
Yes, you read it right! If you have a book that you intend to read but cannot read yet, multitask by exercising with your body while running. Most books are suitable for downloading to smartphones and other portable devices, so you can listen to your book with your headset. If the story is attractive enough, the miles will fly away. If music motivates you more than words, create a playlist of your favorite tunes for inspiration. For this Spotify You can use the application.

11. Running Supports Your Immune System

American Woman Jogging in the Desert
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If you often find yourself suffering from a cold, running can help get rid of these annoying microbes. An article from Harvard Health recommends regular exercise to check your wellness, low blood pressure, and weight. Exercise also speeds up blood circulation and helps your immune system work effectively. And researchers are also looking at how much exercise affects individuals' sensitivity in the early stages of the disease. 

12. Free to Run

Woman Running in the Garden
Photo source: Adobe Stock / Ivan Kruk
Running is great not only for your body and mind, but also for your wallet. "Run in the park, on the beach, in public areas, on the mountain or down the street," says Marissa Gee, a running coach and cross-country coach. “It is completely free and good for free!” Save money from your gym membership or exercise equipment you take home simply by tying your shoes tight and running. 

13. Running Can Help Others

Women Running Marathon on the Beach for Society
Photo source: Adobe Stock / Jacob Lund
Running gives you an opportunity to help yourself by helping others. There are numerous possibilities to collect donations related to running, and this allows you to respond to the community as well as being fit. Istanbul Marathon Websites like are useful resources for finding running groups and races that will give you an opportunity to earn money for a cause in your heart. In addition, registering for a race will give you a target date to provide you with the motivation to bring you to your destination. 

14. Running Takes You Somewhere

Running Man in Big Cities like Istanbul and Ankara
Photo source: Halfpoint / iStock / Getty Images
If you live in one of the big and crowded cities with a lot of traffic, such as Istanbul and Ankara, running can take you from A to B faster. If you can't squeeze exercising into your weekly schedule, run briskly slow to the pharmacy, your friend's house, work (haha if you have a shower at work) and other places. It is possible to find a variety of running equipment that can allow you to carry things that are not too heavy while running. However, if your job includes something like going to the mall or hairdresser, you can choose the car. 

15. Running Helps You Meet People 

Men and women jogging and socializing in the forest
Photo source: gpointstudio / iStock / Getty Images
Running doesn't have to be a one-man sport. There are enough running clubs and facebook groups in different parts of the country. It can be quite social after being asked to practice or participate in races. Running coach Ashlay Crossman says “Running is a great way to meet clever people. I met a lot of people running — including my husband — and value the friendships I made in races or running groups. ”

16. Running Has Fast Learning Curve 

Beret Running in the Snow
Photo source: Halfpoint / iStock / Getty Images
Running is a talent in nature. Marissa Gee, an international coach, points out that, unlike running, it often requires long learning curves to master the techniques and abilities of swimming, skiing, sailing, playing tennis and other sports. "Running has a very fast learning curve," he says. "If we were able to do this in our first year, it would not be difficult at any age." Be sure to learn suitable running form and guides for beginners, then tie your shoes and try. For example, Jennifer Van Allen, the author of the World of Runners, proposes to make quick, short steps and ensure that your foot is not in front of your knee while it hits the ground.

17. Running Makes You a Tourist 

Tourist Man Running on the Bridge
Photo source: Ingram Publishing / Ingram Publishing / Getty Images
Running is a great way to discover a new place, while on vacation you can burn calories while on the beach. “Wherever I travel, I get my running shoes and go running on arrival,” says cross country coach Marissa Gee. “As I speed up inside the car, I find restaurants, shops, and places I would never discover.” It also suggests that you play the role of a tourist in your own neighborhood. Instead of running on a certain route, choose a new direction and run down a street you have never entered before. You can find some new places to love. 

What are you thinking? 

Woman and Man Running Free in the Forest
Photo source: Zoonar RF / Zoonar / Getty Images
Why are you running? What are some of the benefits of running in your life? Do you have trouble motivating yourself to exercise? What is your biggest barricade that keeps you from running and what ideas and plans do you have to overcome this? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. 


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