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Muscle Bulking Season | Top 10 Tips to Add Volume to Your Muscles



Winter is coming. For many fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts, this indicates that it is time to increase the volume and mass of muscles. Unfortunately, having a muscular body is not as simple as it seems.

Most people fill their stomachs with junk food without thinking about it, and they think that the mass of the scales increase while the weight of the scales increases, whereas the increase is only fat masses.

This article contains important tips you should know to have quality, lean, and bulky muscles with minimal fat increase.

TIP #1: Eat natural foods

If you want to increase your muscle volume and settle on this path, it does not mean that you have to exercise excessively, or you can eat whatever you want. The point you should focus on is eating clean foods that are sources of healthy protein, carbohydrates and fats. Some foods you should consume include:

✓ Chicken, turkey, lean steak
✓ Egg
✓ Peanut and hazelnut paste (the lowest of the sugar)
✓ Avocado
✓ Fatty fish (salmon, sea bass, etc.)
✓ Nuts and beans
Gur Bulgur pilaf, whole wheat pasta
✓ White and sweet potatoes

One of the key points of adding volume to the muscles is not forgetting other vitamins and minerals.

Getting your daily vitamin and mineral needs is important for your overall health. Some of the foods that are recommended to be consumed due to the important benefits of the micronutrients it contains (aka: vitamins and minerals) to your body are as follows:

Yaprak Green leaf salads and spinach
✓ Broccoli
✓ Mushroom
✓ Forest fruits
✓ Cores

My advice in terms of calorie intake is to add 250-500 calories to your daily need, depending on how fast you want to increase your muscle volume.

TIP #2: Track what you eat

Volume Winning Season | Top 10 Tips to Add Volume to Your Body


While most people follow the macronutrients (namely-fat: carbohydrate and protein) they take daily during the burial period, they do not show their care while adding volume to their muscles. If you ask me, they overlook the secret of the business.

By following your macronutrients during muscle bulking, you can meet your daily calorie target and make adjustments to this calorie level if necessary. For example, at the end of a day when you get missing protein, you can make yourself a protein blend to make up for it. Of course, if you do not watch what you eat, you will not know it.

By using the application named 'MyFitnessPal', you can easily follow your macronutrient intake. You can follow your calorie / macronutrient goals into practice and then follow the foods you eat during the day either from the database of the application or by reading the barcode of the product you eat. You can also add the information of your own meals to the app to make it even easier.

TIP #3: Sleep

Getting enough sleep is essential for us to feel healthy and good, and it is also vital for muscle bulking. Lack of sleep and high stress levels will delay your recovery after training, resulting in a drop in your performance the next day.

What's more, when you're asleep, HGH (rapid eye movementDuring), BH (growth hormone) is produced. This is essential for our growth, and if we don't sleep enough, we can't grow enough. It's that simple.

It is recommended that you sleep at least 7-8 hours each night to increase your health and your BiH production.

TIP #4: Timeline

Volume Winning Season | Top 10 Tips to Add Volume to Your Body
You will want to make a timeline that will suit you tightly while muscle bulking. Follow the time in this timeline and don't try to cut it short. When many people do not immediately see the desired result or find that it is getting oily, they stop volumizing. If this is the case for you, instead of accepting defeat, first correct the calories you have received and continue where you left off. Let's see if you can see a difference.

It is recommended to perform lean muscle bulking in a time that takes about 6-8 months without rushing. This time gives you enough time to build quality muscle and means that you will not gain much fat as long as you stick to your clean diet.

TIP #5: Track your progress

As in tip 2, it is important to monitor your progress to see how far you've traveled and how much longer you have been on the target. While monitoring your progress, you should focus on your body measurements as well as your weight and body fat.


We recommend that you record your weekly progress by weighing several times a week. Do not focus too much on daily measurements because fluctuations may occur. Focus on gaining 0.25-0.5 pounds a week. In addition, I advise beginners to take their body measurements monthly or every fifteen days. You should measure your arms, shoulders, chest, waist, hips, legs and thighs.

By monitoring your progress, if you did not achieve the desired results, you can change your schedule as needed. For example, if your body fat is getting too high, you can lower the amount of calories you take. Similarly, if you can't gain weight fast enough, you can slightly increase the calories you take.

TIP #6: Cardio

Volume Winning Season | Top 10 Tips to Add Volume to Your Body


Many people will tell you not to do cardio while volumizing. I disagree with this. My opinion is that you should not exaggerate the cardio or throw it at the wild.

In addition to keeping your cardiovascular (cardiovascular) system healthy, cardio supports your mental health and reduces stress in your body. Weight training can strain the body by reducing oxygen intake. That's why some cardiovascular exercise prepares your heart to perform better, so your workouts will be more productive. Moreover, a person who does fit and cardio will have more fat burning than someone who does not, so the cardio performed while volumizing the muscle will help you keep the fat rate in your body low.

It is recommended to do cardio 2-3 times a week. This can be in the form of YYAA (high intensity interval training) to be performed after an exercise, or at any time during the day in the form of LISS (low intensity stable training). My advice is not to work out cardio before weight training, as it will physically strain you and cause poor performance. After cardio training, do it at the end of the workout. After all, muscle building is the main goal here.

TIP #7: Supplements

Supplements can increase your growth significantly, even if it is not a condition for volume. Many different supplements suitable for individuals with different goals are available in the market. It is very important to choose supplements correctly.

Pre-workout products Perfect for those who are tired during the day and need energy boosting and repulsive power for training. These help you improve your performance during exercise, so you won't feel tired and exhausted afterwards.

Creatine is also an excellent supplement. It increases the rate of returning ADP to ATP (energy) required for energy production. This short-term energy is tremendous for fast-twitch muscle fibers in weight and strength training, when lifting or throwing excessively heavy loads. It also allows water to enter the muscles through osmosis and give them a fuller look.

Whey protein powder it is the most popular supplement on the market. Protein powder is an inexpensive and convenient way to increase protein intake throughout the day. Moreover, it can be purchased in various and delicious flavors.

If you want to learn more about available supplements, not overpay and get the best supplements by paying less our article take a look.

TIP #8: Stick to the program

Volume Winning Season | Top 10 Tips to Add Volume to Your Body
It is indispensable to comply with a certain training program, especially in muscle bulking, to get the results you want.

What you should definitely know when you go to the gym: which muscles to train, what exercises to do for this, how many sets they will have and how many times you will do. You can make your own plan or available on the internet you can choose one.

If you are making your own plan, try to make 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps for muscle growth. You should not exaggerate and relax the number of exercises. If you focus on one muscle every day, for this muscle group 4-6 kinds of exerciseIf you are running more than one muscle, you should do 2-3 types of exercise for each muscle group.

You should add volume to your work with dropsets and supersets (we'll call them in a later article). This will deform your muscles as much as possible and help them develop further.

TIP #9: Weight reduction

Weight loss is actually a very powerful tool that is often overlooked in the muscle bulking process.

When you feel weak, your development stops, or you constantly feel pain, you should consider doing a weight-loss week. The easiest way to do this is to continue your normal workout, but not all sets 40-60 percent of your 1MT is by weight. Let your repeat and set numbers remain as usual, but rest your body on lifting weights.

The weight reduction allows you to relax your body, overcoming the stagnation in your development and not leaving the gym. You can move on to the next step in gaining strength and volume right after weight reduction. As a rule of thumb, I suggest you do a weight reduction week every two months, or whenever you need it.

TIP #10: Be realistic

Volume Winning Season | Top 10 Tips to Add Volume to Your Body
Finally, be realistic. Muscles overnight It does not occur.

You have to be patient, persevere and set yourself a realistic goal. Do not try to resemble anyone else or compare yourself to others. Use them for motivation. If your goal is realistic, you are more likely to achieve this.

The Essence of the Word

Muscle bulking is not as simple as eating what your life desires and getting bigger at once. Be sure to do everything written correctly, you will see the results. By following these 10 tips, you will be on your way to serious gains!

For tips on nutrition and bodybuilding I Güçlüyaşa.coMaster the muscle bulking by reviewing other articles in.

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