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24 July 2021


Which Cardio Method Will Burn The Fastest Fat?

When it comes to aerobic (oxygen-containing) exercise, what are the best methods and what are the benefits? Here I will consider the issue in detail. I will give examples of aerobic exercises and the rules to follow. Now it's time to learn all about aerobics! Getting rid of stubborn body fat and getting the best possible form may require some aerobic exercise. Known aerobic method […]

17 reasons to start running

  Overview Among the hustle and bustle of everyday life, finding time and motivation for exercise can be difficult. However, the physical and mental benefits of running are well worth it. Like the ones written in motivational images followed on social media: “I really regret that run, said no one ever.” If you are curious about starting running and looking for some inspiration, here is to start running […]

Ask Your Muscle Professor: What Should I Eat Before And After Cardio?

Fasting cardio trend is in decline, low-carb cardio replaces it as fat burning king. Learn how to maximize your outcomes from proper cardio training with proper nutrition. Question: What Should I Eat Before And After Cardio To Burn Fat? For bodybuilders, this is an unfounded question that you will climb to the peak of the Himalayas and ask a wise guru. How does the guru answer? ”Varies” […]