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GüçlüYaşa Career Page






Social Media Manager

General Qualifications

  • At least 1 year experienced in Digital Marketing and Internet Advertising,
  • Dominating the dynamics of the sector; having contacts in media planning, social media, digital and creative agencies,
  • To be able to produce creative and content-based projects in Güçlüyaşa.com language based on incoming contents,
  • Will be able to think both creative and member-oriented, conduct processes and ideas in this direction,
  • Emphasizing the business finishing and working with a result-oriented,
  • Communication skills are high,
  • Will be able to exhibit the “I must be perfect at my job” attitude,
  • Visual perception is strong,
  • Being able to use all media of Social Media actively,
  • Graduated from a Universty,
  • Speaking English at B2 level,
  • Residing in Istanbul,

Job description

  • Producing content-based motivational or scientific visuals in accordance with Güçlüyaşa.com concept and sharing them on social media,
  • Creative suggestions for making all dimensional arrangements about images and keeping social media accounts active throughout the day,
  • Checking the comments, advertisements and settings to improve the user experience in all social media accounts,
  • Being social and looking social, scientific and professional in social media is a very challenging challenge. We are trying to achieve this with your help.


Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Job description

The task of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is to supervise all technical aspects of the company. CTO is responsible for growing the company by using technology and working with the company's executives and CEO. CTO is to manage the IT and IO employees with an active and practical approach in order to achieve the strategic goals of the company expressed and said in the strategic plans.

CTO's role, responsibilities and expectations of the CEO about them

CTO has the responsibility to do, do and manage all software and hardware related to Computer and Mac personally. 

  • Daily updating of the software, installation, maintenance, security and necessary content of the website,
  • Daily updating of software, installation, maintenance, security and necessary content renewals of Android and IOS applications,
  • Ensuring that the graphics and all other multimedia tools required for the website and applications are built, produced and renewed daily,
  • Ensuring the installation and security of Networks such as Internet, Intranet and E-mail,
  • Ensuring that every work done software, hardware and graphically is done and delivered in really high quality as specified in the company's strategic plans,

Apart from these, CTO also has some managerial responsibilities besides technology since it is also the partner and shareholder of the company.

  • Taking part in the Board of Directors, claiming all the decisions taken together with the CEO, supporting and making sure that they are implemented correctly,
  • Managing the company's strategic direction, development and future growth,
  • Increasing their efficiency and effectiveness by providing technological consultancy to the managers of other departments such as marketing, production and operation,
  • Leading all employees in a way that supports the company's vision, core values and corporate culture,
  • To determine the probability of application within the company by making the research and case studies of the latest innovations in technology and to make a request about it,
  • Providing inspiration and motivation to all employees by actively communicating with everyone and creating a learning culture within the company,


SEO Expert

We are looking for an experienced SEO Specialist to join our team. Basic Search such as keyword analysis, on-site optimization, content development and strategy creation, site auditing, competitive analysis and social media-related priorities to help all our customers work, creating on-site and off-site link building, tracking industry and competitors and determining new needs Engine Optimization Specialist will be responsible for his duties.

General Qualifications

  • 3 - 4 years Search Engine Optimization experience, preferably multiple workplace experiences.
  • A proven achievement document on increased site authority through increased density, awareness raising and site visibility for keywords in major search engines and reliable natural link building.
  • Ability to successfully manage the customer workflow and deliver projects / reports on time.
  • To work independently and become an expert in search engine optimization.
  • Mastering on-site and off-site link building analysis tools for Search Engine Optimization such as SearchMetrics, MOZ, Ahrefs, MajesticSEO, Opensite Explorer, Google Webmaster Tools, Link Research Tools, Yandex Metrica, Google Analytics.
  • Proven knowledge of Search Engine Optimization theory and techniques used (network ranking, link analysis, data analysis, etc.) and the difference between front-end development and back-end development.
  • Being able to adapt to the team and develop various creative techniques.

Job description

  • To carry out multiple Search Engine Optimization tasks including plan, management and account setup, strategy development, organization and non-observational management.
  • Defining the Search Engine Optimization success metric, developing and managing high quality notification. To regularly monitor Search Engine Optimization data for ups and downs and help identify new opportunities for customers.
  • Using Search Engine Optimization tools to observe, analyze and optimize website activities and rankings monthly and with temporary reports.
  • Following the competitors and the sector in terms of link building and developing different and effective strategies according to changing conditions.
  • Provide Search Engine Optimization expertise for keyword searches, reporting, social media, local search, image and video optimization, digital value optimization, and mobile search.
  • Assisting in plans and strategies with the best experiences, presentation skills and other staff of the team.
  • To follow trends in Search Engine Optimization, to be the first in website rankings and to define new opportunities, to make prudent researches and to solve problems in Search Engine Optimization.


Content editor

General Qualifications

  • Write content about bodybuilding and healthy nutrition,
  • Can write on different topics without difficulty,
  • Who knows WordPress & Weebly,
  • Those who know Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop,
  • Having knowledge about SEO compatible article writing,
  • Good command of English,
  • He knows Turkish grammar very much,
  • Following the bodybuilding and nutrition world,
  • Graduated from a Universty

Job description

  • To produce original ingredients related to bodybuilding or healthy nutrition,
  • To produce visuals suitable for the content produced by using Illustrator or Photoshop,
  • Writing blog contents,
  • Creating bulletin texts,
  • Keeping up with content trends

Note: Candidates who think that they are suitable for the above positions can submit their current CVs as PDF file. I [email protected] they need to send it to their e-mail address. Eligible candidates will be contacted and successful candidates will be invited for an interview.