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12 effective foods to fight and destroy cancer cells

Despite what you may have heard in common media like television, there is no such thing as an invincible cancer cell. The main difference between growing and non-growing cancer cells in the body is the nutrients we take into our body to stop the growth of these mutant cells and destroy them. 


When properly and properly fed, the human immune system naturally destroys cancer cells from the body. Certain proteins in the body can be inactivated even if the toxins that strain or derailment the body's natural immune system show uncontrolled growth because it harms or mutates our DNA due to an inadequate diet and chemicals.

Science Translation Medicine magazine published a study in 2014 where researchers identified a molecule called TIC10 that mobilized a protein that destroys cancer cells and fights disease. This protein, called tumor necrosis factor related apoptosis inducing ligand, or TRAIL for short, can cross the blood-brain barrier without difficulty.

This means that since the body is intelligent enough to understand that this is not good for the brain, it does not allow chemotherapy to cross the blood-brain barrier, while allowing TRAIL proteins to pass through its beneficial effects.

This means that the key to preventing cancer is through a healthy and natural diet program. Some foods really act as superstars when it comes to strengthening the immune system and fighting cancer cells naturally.

Here are the 12 most effective foods that fight cancer cells naturally and destroy them, to prevent cancer from getting involved in your body:

1. Cherry

Fruit Cherries
Photo source: dryhman.co
Red foods often have very strong properties that fight cancer. Cherry contains a powerful composition called perillyl alcohol or POH, which has been proven to destroy various cancer cells in vitro and vivo studies. Since it is a pesticide, cherry can be one of the most germ fruits. So always take organic varieties and take care to wash them very well.

2. Turmeric

Photo source: bigstock.co
Turmeric, the king of spices, is probably the most powerful antioxidant composition known to man. This composition, called curcumin, seems to have endless benefits to health, including including blocking metastases. A comprehensive summary of more than 700 studies shows that this spice from India performs better than many drugs. It is also worth noting that; Turmeric does not only fight diseases, including cancer and alzaymır, but also shows no side effects.

3. Olive Oil

Cancer-useful-Food & Olive Oil
Photo source: Zeytinli.org
Pure extra virgin olive oil, which is the basis of a healthy Mediterranean diet, has been shown in studies to protect the body from breast, prostate and colon cancers. Olive oil is one of the best oils you can use to fight cancer effectively. Fortunately; One of the most common and abundant products in our country is olive oil.

4. Edible Seaweed

Cancer Useful Food Edible Seaweed
Photo source: bigstock.com
Some of the best foods that fight cancer come to us from the sea. Usually served in Asian cuisines; kombu, arame, nori, hijiki and wakame are just a few of these algae that have a strong effect on cancer. These algae are full of healthy minerals that Turks don't consume enough, including calcium, iron and magnesium. These are also great sources of ions. Oxidative stress and chronic inflammation are two factors in the formation of certain types of cancer. And edible seaweeds are known to contain many antioxidants that counteract the bad effects of oxidative stress and fight inflammation.

5. Hemp

Cancer Useful Food Cannabis
Photo source: thestonerscookbook.com
Hemp oil and hemp seeds help heal the whole body and raise many people's melatonin levels to ten times the normal level. Many studies have found that melatonin either slows down their growth or stops them completely. Some studies have linked melatonin to a significantly improved quality of life and a longer chance of survival in people with severe cancer, such as advanced lung cancer. Some small studies have reported that some cancers are going to partial or complete reduction (remission). Hemp oil is one of the best sources of Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 balanced fatty acid ratios. Both hemp oil and hemp seeds can help the body find the right balance and heal itself.

6. Red Grapes and Wine

Cancer Useful Food Red Grape and Wine
Photo source: resimlitarifleri.com
Resveratrol, one of the most important sources of anti-mutagenic antioxidants, is found in red grapes and red wine. Resveratrol has been shown to reduce oxidant-induced cell death and specifically stop abnormal cell growth in the intestinal tract. Resveratrol has been shown in numerous studies to prevent the composition called CoX-2, which is associated with cancer and pre-cancerous growth. So, while the huge Big Pharma is busy selling you synthetic CoX-2 inhibitors, all you have to do to get the CoX-2 inhibitors you actually need is to either drink pure red grape juice or enjoy a glass of wine with dinner.

7. Garlic

Cancer Useful Food Garlic
Photo source: weknowyourdreamz.com
Although most people know that garlic is good for the heart, many are not aware that garlic is a powerful cancer inhibitor. A study from the Republic of Korea found that the composition called dialyl sulfide in garlic prevents cell proliferation in many types of cancer. Garlic also contains one of the world's strongest antioxidants, alicin. A dietary diet with abundant antioxidants is vital in preventing cancer. Garlic needs to be chopped or beaten to release all these cancer-fighting compounds.

8. Chlorella and Spirulina

Cancer Useful Food Chlorella and Spirulina
Photo source: bigstock.com
Researchers in South Korea recently published a study showing that carotenoids in chlorella effectively prevent cancer in human subjects. Probably this is due to the fact that chlorophyll transports oxygen from the body to all cells, and yet it has the ability to destroy the effects of toxins and environmental pollutants. Cancer cannot easily grow in cells that receive oxygen.


Although Spirulina cannot remove heavy metals from the body as Chlorella can, it also has powerful compositions that strengthen its unique immune system. This seaweed contains important amino acids that balance blood sugar levels and facilitate advanced mental functions. A Chinese study found that when spirulina is combined with Selenium, it prevents the growth of breast cancer in the human body. 

9. Medicinal Mushrooms

Mushrooms with Useful Food and Drug Properties
Photo source: lifechangehealthinstitute.ie
Must love mushrooms! Mushrooms have been used as medicines for more than 5000 years. Fungi have strong anti-virus and anti-cancer effects. More than 50 types of mushrooms have been studied to date, and many have been found to stop cancer cells in humans. Shitaki, maitaki and coriolus versicolor are mushrooms that have the strongest anti-cancer effects among all tested species.

10. Green Tea

Photo source: bigstock.com
You've probably heard of the health benefits of green tea countless times so far. It has been found that compositions in green tea, mainly epigallocatechin gallate, inhibit inflammatory enhancing chemicals in the body. Green tea has numerous health benefits, such as accelerating metabolism and stimulating the function of the immune system. Of course, you also know that there is one more thing to add to this list: green tea is a super cancer preventive. Always brew fresh green tea brought from Japan at home. What is sold in cold glass bottles and cans and what is thought to be tea has almost no nutritional value.

11. Tomato

Cancer Useful Food Tomato
Photo source: kilisdomatessalca.com
Although all vegetables are healthy, tomatoes are healthier and many times more than most. It has been consistently reconciled that regular consumption of tomatoes reduces the risk of developing numerous types of cancer. The reason for this is due to the composition called high carotenoid and lycopene. One great thing about tomatoes is that whatever you do with tomatoes, freeze it, remove the juice, boil it, cook it, boil it, or make the sauce if you want, but you still can't destroy their healthy composition.

12. Cruciferous

Cancer Useful Food
Photo source: kadinmagazin.net
You knew these would be on the list, didn't you? Everyone knows that cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts contain powerful compositions such as anti-cancer glucosinolate. Whatever you choose, whichever vegetable you decide to eat from cruciferous vegetables, the strongest vegetables that fight cancer from this group are radish leaves, cabbage, broccoli, red lettuce and cauliflower.


Eat healthy and see the benefit of you, friends. Mother Nature never misleads you!

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