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Abdominal Strengthening & Firming | Function, Exercises and Benefits

The abdominal area is your center. Whether you are standing or moving, it doesn't matter. You will surely benefit from that point. Thanks to the abdominal exercises, the pelvic muscles, waist, hips and abdomen work in an ideal harmony. These exercises will make your sports or daily exercises more effective and provide balance and stability.


Tight abdominal muscles can make every activity you do easier, from hitting a tennis ball to cleaning your car. However, it is imperative that these muscles work in ideal harmony, and that if they are weakened, they will lead to many problems.

What Is Your Abdomen?

You probably think of the abdominal muscles when you call your abdomen like many people do. But abdominal muscles are not just those muscles, although they are an important part of the abdomen. You can think of the abdomen as a corset, these muscles consist of the front, side and back of your body. 

Abdominal muscles

Many muscles are used to make abdominals. Here are the 3 most known muscles and their purposes:
  • Rectus Abdominus
  • External Oblique
  • Erector spiane 

Abdominal Strengthening & Firming | Function, Exercises and Benefits - GÜÇLÜYAŞA
The more you strengthen these muscles, the more they become tighter and stiffer to provide you with a strong and suitable center. People also think that running the abdomen will be with certain “abdominal exercises”, but you can strengthen your abdomen by squat, deadlifting and push-ups and many exercises.

Functions of the Abdomen

The function of the abdomen is to keep the spine in balance as a whole. Therefore, keeping the abdomen strong and controlling is essential for the best training performance.

Rectus Abdominus

The main function of the abdominal muscles is to allow the spine to provide enough flexibility. 


These are: It turns the spine, flexes the spine sideways; and, like the abdominal muscles, obliques also stretch the spine. 

Erector Spinae

This muscle group helps the spine to expand. 

Benefits and Changes of Running Your Abdomen

Abdominal Strengthening & Firming | Function, Exercises and Benefits - GÜÇLÜYAŞA


Abdominal Strengthening & Firming | Function, Exercises and Benefits - GÜÇLÜYAŞA
When you think of a boxer, you see that they take advantage of their bellies over the rotation for a punch of serious strength and impact. 

This line of obliques will be largely involved, the boxer's arm is undoubtedly very powerful alone, but the rotation of the abdomen gives the arm more strength to provide a very effective punch. This is seen in the same way in many sports such as golf, football and tennis.

Undoubtedly, when you think and analyze how these people do sports and how much they move, you will easily notice how they move a movement from the abdomen to the final result.

Ve Balance and Strength

Abdominal Strengthening & Firming | Function, Exercises and Benefits - GÜÇLÜYAŞA
As mentioned earlier, the abdomen is like a corset, the stronger, the tighter and tougher it becomes. So your balance increases your control over these strengthening muscles. 

Uygulama Exercise application quality

Abdominal Strengthening & Firming | Function, Exercises and Benefits - GÜÇLÜYAŞA
Whether you use your muscles with sports equipment or free weight exercises, you will probably feel your stomach working harder. This is because your body is busy trying and keeping the movement.

If you see someone lying on his back, curving on his back, doing a bicep bending exercise, this would be a great example. Although it is arguable that this is beneficial as it helps to lift a very heavy weight, the truth is that it is not healthy for your back and you will become increasingly dependent on your waist to help this weight.

If you had to keep your body steady or curved against a wall, would you have enough strength of the same weight alone to bend your biceps alone? Probably not. Because focusing on isolating and stretching the working main muscle ensures the safety of this muscle, which will achieve the best ROM and contraction, and does not depend on strengthening the muscles that serve to make the movement unsafe.

Azaltır Reduces low back pain and injury

Abdominal Strengthening & Firming | Function, Exercises and Benefits - GÜÇLÜYAŞA
Weak abdominal muscles can potentially cause weak body posture, lower back pain, muscle injury.

Example: If your waist is excessively strong and your abdominal muscles are weak, your waist will dominate keeping an exercise in balance or it will be activated during a sport. This not only causes pain, but can also change the positioning of your hips, causing some poor body postures or excessive compensation in the future. Therefore, ensuring that they work equally and in harmony will keep your posture and movement at their best.

You will also be in contact with the abdomen with compound movements such as squat and deadlift; However, in tight / weak abdominal muscles, it will be difficult to perform body posture, causing pressure on certain parts of the body will make these movements more difficult. 

5 exercises to strengthen the abdomen

Abdominal Strengthening & Firming | Function, Exercises and Benefits - GÜÇLÜYAŞA

Exercise #1: Plank

Abdominal Strengthening & Firming | Function, Exercises and Benefits - GÜÇLÜYAŞA
Mükemmel It is an excellent movement for beginners to protect the spine and to work out abdominal pressure of all abdominal muscles in harmony.

✓ Keep feet flat. Lift your body with support from your toes - feet hip wide - remember to keep your muscles as tight as possible for balance.

Mayın Do not disturb the posture, take a normal breath; do not bend your waist; try the exercise longer each time - 20, 30, 40 seconds.

Exercise #2: Russian twist

Abdominal Strengthening & Firming | Function, Exercises and Benefits - GÜÇLÜYAŞA
When you raise your feet, your abdomen will definitely be affected, and the rotational movement will work your oblique muscles, which will provide a great contraction with you. Start by lying on your back on the mat, lift your upper body and bend your knees so that your body takes the "V" shape position.

Kav Grab a gym ball tightly and stretch your arms forward. Keeping your arms straight, exhale while turning your torso to one side.  

Için For the other side, hold the contraction for 1-2 seconds before repeating and repeat. 

Exercise #3: Ab wheel

Abdominal Strengthening & Firming | Function, Exercises and Benefits - GÜÇLÜYAŞA
This will test the control and balance of your abdominal muscles, set out with a small ROM and get even better in motion and even lower. When kneeling on the ground, start by grasping the abdominal roller with both hands (imagine kneeling push-ups) Always remember to keep the abdomen tight.

✓ Breathe with the control and roll the roller until your body is aligned as straight as possible (try not to touch the floor with your body).  

G Stretch for a minute ahead without breathing and return to the starting point and repeat. 

Exercise #4: Hanging leg raise

Abdominal Strengthening & Firming | Function, Exercises and Benefits - GÜÇLÜYAŞA
The purpose of lifting the legs by hanging is to raise your knees / legs in a controlled manner to keep your body immobile and focus entirely on the contraction of the abdominal muscles while maintaining this posture.

Kav Grasp the bar well and let your body hang naturally with your legs down.  

Breathe and start raising your legs to create a 90-degree angle - hold the contraction and turn it back before repeating.  

Exercise 5#: Cable wood chopper

Abdominal Strengthening & Firming | Function, Exercises and Benefits - GÜÇLÜYAŞA


Using wire gives you constant strength throughout the movement, this can be done from different angles and aims to rotate and contract the oblique muscles instead of generating strength! Assemble the handle with a spool and start by keeping it as high as possible.

✓ Stand sideways, grasp the handle with one hand, stretch your other hand over your head, move your arms away from the flat-holding machine.  
✓ Stand shoulder-width apart, grasp the handle by stretching both arms with your other hand. While rotating, pull the handle over your body to your knee. Go back and repeat for repetitions and apply with your other side.  


Abdominal Strengthening & Firming | Function, Exercises and Benefits - GÜÇLÜYAŞA
Run your belly! Start from now, even if you are not doing sports or really focused on abdominal training. It will perform all sports exercises safely and effectively, helping to great body posture and minimize injuries.

For any sports game, the snow will keep you in balance and firm, in addition to providing a great powerhouse limit to use against your opponents. In daily life, you will be able to move effectively and stay in balance!

Consider this important muscle group for a strong, tight, strong abdomen that will keep you working and moving to unleash your full potential.

For other training programs and bodybuilding advice body building check out our page!

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