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Body building

STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5: 12-Week Fitness and Bodybuilding Program

STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5: 12-Week Fitness and Bodybuilding Program to Strengthen, Build Muscle and Burn Fat STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 is the simplest and most effective fitness and bodybuilding program to build muscle, and burn fat. MUSCLE POWER to change their bodies and lives of thousands of people in Turkey use the 5 × 5 program. To follow the program is quite […]

What Body Type Do You Have | Ectomorph, Endomorph or Mesomorph

Has it ever caught your attention? Some people are born genetically rewarded and surrounded by extraordinary hereditary traits. These people get rid of the fat in their bodies with a balanced diet, nutritional plan and an effective exercise program that accompanies them, while simultaneously gaining weight. These people progress day by day and every day they wake up is […]

Which Cardio Method Will Burn The Fastest Fat?

When it comes to aerobic (oxygen-containing) exercise, what are the best methods and what are the benefits? Here I will consider the issue in detail. I will give examples of aerobic exercises and the rules to follow. Now it's time to learn all about aerobics! Getting rid of stubborn body fat and getting the best possible form may require some aerobic exercise. Known aerobic method […]

Abdominal Strengthening & Firming | Function, Exercises and Benefits

  The abdominal area is your center. Whether you are standing or moving, it doesn't matter. You will surely benefit from that point. Thanks to the abdominal exercises, the pelvic muscles, waist, hips and abdomen work in an ideal harmony. These exercises will make your sports or daily exercises more effective and provide balance and stability. Tight abdomen […]

Sharp Line Breasts | Chest Training Program for 8 × 8 Lean Muscle Growth

You probably think that it is impossible to gain volume and stay lean at the same time. But you may be wrong. This program focuses on the training program created by a man called Vince Gironda. Vince argues that as long as you follow this simple routine of him, you can simultaneously gain volume and keep fat away from your abdominal muscles. The training program is done as 8 × 8. [...]

17 reasons to start running

  Overview Among the hustle and bustle of everyday life, finding time and motivation for exercise can be difficult. However, the physical and mental benefits of running are well worth it. Like the ones written in motivational images followed on social media: “I really regret that run, said no one ever.” If you are curious about starting running and looking for some inspiration, here is to start running […]

Ask Your Muscle Professor: What Should I Eat Before And After Cardio?

Fasting cardio trend is in decline, low-carb cardio replaces it as fat burning king. Learn how to maximize your outcomes from proper cardio training with proper nutrition. Question: What Should I Eat Before And After Cardio To Burn Fat? For bodybuilders, this is an unfounded question that you will climb to the peak of the Himalayas and ask a wise guru. How does the guru answer? ”Varies” […]

Muscle Bulking Season | Top 10 Tips to Add Volume to Your Muscles

    Overview Winter is coming. For many fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts, this indicates that it is time to increase the volume and mass of muscles. Unfortunately, having a muscular body is not as simple as it seems. Most people fill their stomachs with junk food without thinking about it, and they think that the mass of the scales increase while the numbers of the scales increase, whereas the increase is only […]

Abdominal, Butt and Hip: Movements to Thin the “Region”

Thin the “Zone” with these 7 exercises. Photo: Valorie Darling This article was created based on what the Santa Monica pilates coach named Andrea Speir said. Often when I ask customers what their fitness goals are, they somehow point to the part of their body, from the middle of their hips to the middle of their bellies. Yes, I understand what they mean! As a “region” […]

Weight Training for Women | Lift Weight To Burn Fat, Not To Inflate Muscles

If you ask all the coaches and coaches working with women around the world what the biggest obstacle is, I think it will bring about , something like “the mistake of lifting weights to over-inflate women's muscles”. We came to Turkey in 2016 and still has a fear of some women lifting weights; but i don't blame them. But the truth is that many women today have […]

11 Basic Yoga Movements Everyone Should Practice

Overview The yoga tradition from ancient times defines thousands, or even tens of thousands, of yoga poses, as some say. But probably, with your busy weekly schedule, it should be almost impossible to take enough time to even make some of these poses. But many of us can find a quiet place where we can practice at least a few of them for 10 minutes a day. In fact, […]

Creatine 101 | What is it and what does it do?

Overview Creatine is the number one supplement to improve our performance in sports. According to research, creatine increases muscle mass, training performance, endurance and strength (1, 2). In addition, creatinine has many health benefits, such as protecting the body against neurological diseases (3, 4, 5, 6). Many people believe that creatine is not safe and has many side effects. But none of this science […]

10 things every weak man who wants to gain volume should know

No matter how hard you gain muscle, you can gain volume with the right plan. Overview Gyms for thin men can be both heaven and hell. Throwing the shiny metal plates from there to every time can provide the volume and beautiful look you've always dreamed of. But this can be challenging for you, especially if you work hard and get no results. "Bigger, […]

Exercising is One of the Things Successful People Do Every Day

    What's in common with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Adriana Lima, Warren Buffet and OKCupid founder Christian Rudder? Although you may think that they are the top professionals in their field, this is not the only similarity. In fact, they all have one thing in common: they all play sports and see it as part of their success. They are not alone in this regard either. Richard Branson (400 […]

Weight Lifting Girls | The 6 most common myths about women and weights

  Female bodybuilders began to rise rapidly in the fitness industry, after realizing that lifting weights supported their goals in building the desired physique. Stepping into the weight section for the first time may seem a bit creepy, but ladies, there really is nothing to be afraid of! However, myths still common around why women should not lift weights - but myth is myth […]

Amino Acids | What Are the Benefits of Amino Acids

  If you've never heard of it before, amino acids are the "building blocks" of all proteins, so all proteins and muscle tissues in the body are made up of a unique sequence of 21 different amino acids. As a chemical structure, amino acids are characterized as an amino group and are the nitrogen atom that forms the basis of this group. Amino Acids really occupy an important place in our body and […]

What is Amino Acid | What Amino Acids Do

  Let me tell you if you haven't heard it yet, amino acids are the building blocks of all proteins. In other words, all proteins and muscle tissues in the body are formed thanks to the unique sequences of 21 different amino acids. In terms of their chemical structure, they are called amino groups and are based on nitrogen atom. The nitrogen in the structure of amino acids makes them different from other foods (such as carbohydrates) in your diet. Amino acids thanks to this difference; texture, […]

Make Friends With These 11 Exercises You Can Do With A Partner

  Overview Working with a friend can keep you motivated. Even engaging in friendly competition can force you to work harder. But you should be quiet while doing this. A 2013 study shows that the ideal partner is a person with some skill and verbal motivation to you. Although it sounds illogical, Michigan […]

14 Lessons I Learned After Lifting 34 Years Weight

  “THIS ARTICLE BENCH PRESS WILL NOT ENSURE YOU BETTER IN YOUR WORKOUTS, BUT YOU CAN EARN THE VALUABLE VIEW OF MY 55 YEAR OLD BODY. A lot has changed since my last year at West College in Los Angeles. It was 1981 from the years. Ronald Reagan was another, […]

Texas Method

    Warning: This article is about Mark Rippetoe's training program The Texas Method. All copyrights are reserved by him. Here's What You Need to Know… A beginner bodybuilder can quickly gain strength with a simple training program and linear progress. Its progress slows down as the bodybuilder gains experience. Well-programmed workouts and adequate recovery intervals, moderate […]

6 reasons why you should do sports while in college

    Simpler than you might think. For some, doing sports feels like the worst thing in the world. Are you going to run? Why would someone hurt themselves in this way? Who has time for such a thing, especially when you're in college? However, I think that doing sports is a great escape especially during university years. Playing sports is good, bad, stressful, long […]

The Biggest Lies (And Facts) About Bodybuilding

  What are the biggest lies about bodybuilding? Lee Boyce - Strength Coach and Performance Specialist “Build 7 pounds of muscle in 6 weeks!” You can't do a significant amount of muscle in weeks. These kinds of promises are not correct and obviously harmful. You ask why? Because this is against human physiology. Sometimes “The increase in body fat and water retention are part of the equation.” […]