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20 January 2021


Exercising is One of the Things Successful People Do Every Day

    What's in common with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Adriana Lima, Warren Buffet and OKCupid founder Christian Rudder? Although you may think that they are the top professionals in their field, this is not the only similarity. In fact, they all have one thing in common: they all play sports and see it as part of their success. They are not alone in this regard either. Richard Branson (400 […]

14 Lessons I Learned After Lifting 34 Years Weight

  “THIS ARTICLE BENCH PRESS WILL NOT ENSURE YOU BETTER IN YOUR WORKOUTS, BUT YOU CAN EARN THE VALUABLE VIEW OF MY 55 YEAR OLD BODY. A lot has changed since my last year at West College in Los Angeles. It was 1981 from the years. Ronald Reagan was another, […]

6 reasons why you should do sports while in college

    Simpler than you might think. For some, doing sports feels like the worst thing in the world. Are you going to run? Why would someone hurt themselves in this way? Who has time for such a thing, especially when you're in college? However, I think that doing sports is a great escape especially during university years. Playing sports is good, bad, stressful, long […]

The Biggest Lies (And Facts) About Bodybuilding

  What are the biggest lies about bodybuilding? Lee Boyce - Strength Coach and Performance Specialist “Build 7 pounds of muscle in 6 weeks!” You can't do a significant amount of muscle in weeks. These kinds of promises are not correct and obviously harmful. You ask why? Because this is against human physiology. Sometimes “The increase in body fat and water retention are part of the equation.” […]