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7 proven ways to prevent drunkenness the next day

Young Woman with Drunkenness the Next Day
Alcohol consumption has its pros and cons.


If we look at one of the cons, it is the remains of the next morning that we left.

As you know, drunkenness the next day is an unpleasant condition that occurs after alcohol intake.

Alcohol exerts its effects strongly until it is excreted from the body and these effects can bother you in various ways (1).

These symptoms include headache, fatigue, thirst, dizziness, nausea, and loss of appetite.

The severity of the drunkenness the next day varies from person to person, according to the discourse of most people, the effects are always annoying.  

As expected, there are many kinds of treatment for drunkenness the next day, and some of them are really effective. However, as there is no evidence of these, no experimental study is available (2).

However, there are several methods that give positive results.

Here are 7 proven ways to prevent drunkenness the next day, at least to make it less severe:

1. Don't Overdo it, Or Never Drink

Red Wine Bottle, Cheese and Wine Glasses
According to the rate of alcohol consumed, the intensity of the drunkenness increases the next day (3).

So the next day to prevent getting drunk best The way is to drink alcohol in moderation. Or not at all.

The amount of alcohol required to have drunkenness the next day varies from person to person.

Bazı insanlar için 1 veya 2 içki yeterli iken, çoğu insan için bundan daha fazlasına gerek vardır. Aşağı yukarı insanların %23’ü ne kadar alkol tüketirlerse tüketsinler ertesi gün sarhoşluğuna yakalanmıyor (4).

However, being restrained is not always a viable option. Some people drink lovers  and they continue to do this even though they know they will regret it the next morning.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to mitigate damage.

The Essence of the Word: The intensity of drunkenness the next day is directly proportional to the rate of alcohol consumed. You can prevent the next day's drunkenness by not drinking at all, or by drinking in moderation.

2. Avoid Drinks Containing Similar Substances

Alcohol Bottles
Ethanol is the active main ingredient of alcoholic beverages. 

When ethanol (we'll simply call it alcohol in this article) is produced by yeast fermenting sugar, similar By-products called substances are also produced (5).


Similar substances are poisonous chemicals, they are produced in alcohol production except ethanol. Known analogues include methanol, pentanol and acetone (67).

Alcoholic beverages with a high level of similar substance cause more drunkenness the next day than other beverages containing low amounts.

Alcohols with highly similar substances include whiskey, cognac and tequila. Bourbon whiskey is extremely rich in terms of similar substances.

On the other hand, colorless alcoholic drinks such as vodka, gin, rum contain less similar substances. In fact, almost no similar substances are found in vodka (5).

Several studies have been done on the side effects of whiskey, which is rich in similar substances, and vodka with less similar substances, and the frequency and intensity of the drunkenness the next day was more common in viskey than vodka (8910).

According to two other studies supporting this, methanol, a common analogue substance, is strongly linked to symptoms of intoxication the next day (1112).

The Essence of the Word:  The intensity of drunkenness the next day can be reduced by consuming alcoholic beverages that are not rich in similar substances like vodka, gin or rum. 

3. The next morning to drink again

The Man Caught Being Drunk The Next Day After The New Year's Party
It is quite unreasonable to start drinking again in the morning to prevent your drunkenness the next day.

However, this is a widely known method, in other words, the nail removes the nail. (13).

While its effectiveness has not been proven, there are interesting scientific data to support it.

Briefly, consuming more alcohol (ethanol) methanol It is believed to strengthen the metabolism against (a common type of similar substance found in some alcoholic beverages in trace amounts).

After alcohol consumption, methanol formaldehyde (highly toxic substance). This is believed to partly cause symptoms of intoxication the next day (131415).

However, consuming ethanol (alcohol) the next morning can prevent this conversion process and the formation of formaldehyde (1617).

Instead, methanol can be sent harmlessly from the body through breathing and urine. For this reason, ethanol is often used to improve methanol poisoning (18).

However, it is definitely not a recommended remedy to start drinking again the next morning to get rid of drunkenness.

This is often linked to the problem of alcohol consumption, and the risk of being alcoholic should not be taken the next day to get rid of drunkenness.

The Essence of the Word: Drinking more alcohol to get rid of the next day's drunkenness is a well-known method. This risky method has not yet been proven to be effective, but there are interesting scientific data behind it.


4. Drink lots of water

Benefits of Water and Glass of Water
Alcoholic Pee It has a diuretic properties and encourages you to urinate more than the water you drink (19,20, 21).

Therefore, alcohol causes fluid loss.

Although fluid loss does not cause intoxication alone the next day, it can cause thirst, headache, fatigue and dry mouth.

Fortunately, it is very simple to prevent fluid loss. You just have to make sure you're drinking enough water.
The simplest is to drink a glass of water or a soft drink between alcoholic beverages and a large glass of water before going to sleep.

The Essence of the Word:  Drinking plenty of water helps prevent several important symptoms of drunkenness the next day, such as thirst and headache.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Woman in Sleepless Night The Next Day Drunkenness
Alcohol can interfere with your sleep.

It can harm both your sleep quality and sleep time, if you sleep too late (all your sleep)122).

Although insufficient sleep does not have the right proportion with the symptoms of intoxication the next day, it may contribute to fatigue and irritability from other symptoms.

Getting plenty of sleep after over-consuming alcohol helps your body heal itself.

If you don't have the luxury to laze the next day and have trouble falling asleep, getting drunk may not be a good idea.

The Essence of the Word:  Alcohol can harm your sleep quality. Make sure you have plenty of time to sleep after the night party is over. 

6. Have a Hearty Breakfast

Turkish Spread Breakfast
The next day, drunkenness, sometimes with low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia) is associated with (23).

The next day, drunkenness appears to be more severe in people with low blood sugar (2425).

Hypoglycemia is not the only reason that causes it, and it can be effective in the appearance of some symptoms such as fatigue and headache (26).

In addition to taking the necessary vitamins and minerals, a nutrient-rich breakfast or a late night meal helps keep blood sugar levels in order.

The Essence of the Word:  Having a nice breakfast (you can try Faruk Güllüoğlu;)) is a famous way to get rid of your drunkenness the next day. It restores the blood sugar level, which alleviates the appearance of symptoms. 

7. Nutritional Supplements That Can Help

Frustrated woman holding a handful of medicines and a glass of water
inflammation It is an important mechanism that helps repair tissue damage in the body.

It is believed that many symptoms of intoxication the next day are caused by poor quality inflammation (2728).

In fact, some anti-inflammatory drugs have been shown to be greatly beneficial during the next day's drunkenness (29).

Many plant-based foods and herbs also help reduce inflammation and affect the next day's drunkenness.

Red ginseng (30), ginger (31and prickly pear (32Supplements such as) are known to be beneficial.

It is useful to emphasize the importance of the prickly pear in particular. Prickly pear, native to Mexico Banyan It is the fruit of the cactus called.

Genç ve sağlıklı 55 kişiyle yapılan bir deneye göre, alkol tüketiminden 5 saat önce tüketilen dikenli armut özü, ertesi gün sarhoşluğu şiddetini %62 oranında azaltmıştır (33).

Prickly pear extract as a nutritional supplementcan be found on the internet.

The next day he was completely not prevent the can effectively relieve your pain.  

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