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23 February 2020

Special for Women

Abdominal, Butt and Hip: Movements to Thin the “Region”

Thin the “Zone” with these 7 exercises. Photo: Valorie Darling This article was created based on what the Santa Monica pilates coach named Andrea Speir said. Often when I ask customers what their fitness goals are, they somehow point to the part of their body, from the middle of their hips to the middle of their bellies. Yes, I understand what they mean! As a “region” […]

Weight Training for Women | Lift Weight To Burn Fat, Not To Inflate Muscles

If you ask all the coaches and coaches working with women around the world what the biggest obstacle is, I think it will bring about , something like “the mistake of lifting weights to over-inflate women's muscles”. We came to Turkey in 2016 and still has a fear of some women lifting weights; but i don't blame them. But the truth is that many women today have […]

11 Basic Yoga Movements Everyone Should Practice

Overview The yoga tradition from ancient times defines thousands, or even tens of thousands, of yoga poses, as some say. But probably, with your busy weekly schedule, it should be almost impossible to take enough time to even make some of these poses. But many of us can find a quiet place where we can practice at least a few of them for 10 minutes a day. In fact, […]

Weight Lifting Girls | The 6 most common myths about women and weights

  Female bodybuilders began to rise rapidly in the fitness industry, after realizing that lifting weights supported their goals in building the desired physique. Stepping into the weight section for the first time may seem a bit creepy, but ladies, there really is nothing to be afraid of! However, myths still common around why women should not lift weights - but myth is myth […]

Make Friends With These 11 Exercises You Can Do With A Partner

  Overview Working with a friend can keep you motivated. Even engaging in friendly competition can force you to work harder. But you should be quiet while doing this. A 2013 study shows that the ideal partner is a person with some skill and verbal motivation to you. Although it sounds illogical, Michigan […]

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