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20 January 2021

Tools and Calculators

Daily Calorie Requirement Calculator | How to Calculate Your Daily Calorie Requirement?

Calories is an energy unit. It means the use of this energy through energy and physical activities from calories, food and beverages in nutrition and everyday language. For example: While walking 2 km burns 100 calories, an apple can have 80 calories. Gaining and losing weight is directly related to the calories we consume during the day. Science says, if you burn more calories than […]

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculation Table

The Weight You Should Have According to Your Age, Body Type and Height Since the wrong weight management causes various diseases, the first important step to be healthy is to know your ideal body weight. So what is the best method to determine a healthy weight? You can calculate your body mass index using the BMI calculator or by looking at your height and weight from the table below Note: This is ideal […]