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Paleo Diet 101: A Guide for Beginners + Meal Plan

We can also describe the Paleo diet as the diet of our hunter-gatherer ancestors who lived in the stone age. This diet consists of consuming the food as it is in nature, that is, in whole and raw form. Our ancestors are genetically the same as modern humans today. They consumed this type of food in nature and did not suffer from diseases such as obesity, diabetes or heart conditions. Many different studies show that this diet (calorie calculation […]

Ask Your Muscle Professor: What Should I Eat Before And After Cardio?

Fasting cardio trend is in decline, low-carb cardio replaces it as fat burning king. Learn how to maximize your outcomes from proper cardio training with proper nutrition. Question: What Should I Eat Before And After Cardio To Burn Fat? For bodybuilders, this is an unfounded question that you will climb to the peak of the Himalayas and ask a wise guru. How does the guru answer? ”Varies” […]

Drinking pickle juice: is it useful or harmful?

Drinking pickle juice: is it useful or harmful?

  Photo source: authoritynutrition.com Pickles have been known as a healthy nutrient for centuries. It is said that Jülius Caesar ordered his soldiers to eat pickles to get stronger, while Cleopatra ate pickles for beauty. Pickled water is thought to have many health benefits and different uses. Pickle juice is claimed to strengthen exercise performance and help balance blood sugar. But in pickled water […]

Ketogenic Diet 101: What is it? Is it good for losing weight?

The ketogenic diet is one of the most remarkable diets among people in the fitness industry that is rapidly evolving and certainly attracts attention. The main idea of ​​the ketogenic diet is to make your body actually use only fat stores for energy, also known as “ketosis.” The Idea Based on the Ketogenic Diet The ketogenic diet is different from many other diets. Usually, we are warned about reducing our fat intake, but Ketogenic […]

Daily Calorie Requirement Calculator | How to Calculate Your Daily Calorie Requirement?

Calories is an energy unit. It means the use of this energy through energy and physical activities from calories, food and beverages in nutrition and everyday language. For example: While walking 2 km burns 100 calories, an apple can have 80 calories. Gaining and losing weight is directly related to the calories we consume during the day. Science says, if you burn more calories than […]

Is Gluten Sensitivity (Celiac Disease) Real or Imaginary? A Critical Perspective

  Celiac disease is the most severe form of gluten sensitivity and affects only %0.7-1 of people. According to a 2013 study, 1 in 3 of people living in the United States is actively trying to avoid gluten. Celiac disease is the most severe form of gluten sensitivity and affects only %0.7-1 of people (1). However, the name of "non-celiac gluten sensitivity" […]

The Reasons That Should Make Your Kids Think Twice Before Feeding Nutella

  Nutella, one of the popular banquets you can spread on your bread, is actually one of the most poisonous products you can buy for yourself and your family. If we take this into consideration, it has been found in research that Nutella contains toxic compounds of the following species. Vanilin - Vanilin is actually an artificial flavor in Nutella. It is used to bring our brains into play to make us think that we actually taste real vanilla. As a matter of fact, the brain […]

Atkins Diet 101: Everything You Need to Know About the Atkins Diet

  The Atkins diet is a low-carb diet. It is generally recommended for losing weight. The Atkins diet is a low-carb diet. It is generally recommended for losing weight. Proponents of this diet claim that no matter how much protein and fat you eat, you will lose weight unless you eat high-carb foods. Over the past 12 years, over 20 studies have shown that low-carb […]

Mediterranean Diet 101: Everything You Need to Know About the Mediterranean Diet

  The basics of the Mediterranean diet are based on dishes traditionally eaten in countries like Italy and Greece in the 1960s. According to researchers, these people were unusually healthy compared to other nations, and their risk of developing most fatal diseases was very low. Many studies show that the Mediterranean diet can provide weight loss and heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes diseases and early […]

Healthy Eating | Top 10 Tips on Nutrition and Diet

    Proper nutrition can be like a minefield with all the contradictory advice around. Whether you're a novice fitness player, an avid gym-goer, or a promising bodybuilder, you can always seek advice to refresh your skills. Here are effective nutrition and diet tips that will make it much easier for you to achieve your goals! #1 For enough water […]

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculation Table

The Weight You Should Have According to Your Age, Body Type and Height Since the wrong weight management causes various diseases, the first important step to be healthy is to know your ideal body weight. So what is the best method to determine a healthy weight? You can calculate your body mass index using the BMI calculator or by looking at your height and weight from the table below Note: This is ideal […]