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22 September 2020


STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5: 12-Week Fitness and Bodybuilding Program

STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5: 12-Week Fitness and Bodybuilding Program to Strengthen, Build Muscle and Burn Fat STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 is the simplest and most effective fitness and bodybuilding program to build muscle, and burn fat. MUSCLE POWER to change their bodies and lives of thousands of people in Turkey use the 5 × 5 program. To follow the program is quite […]

Abdominal Strengthening & Firming | Function, Exercises and Benefits

  The abdominal area is your center. Whether you are standing or moving, it doesn't matter. You will surely benefit from that point. Thanks to the abdominal exercises, the pelvic muscles, waist, hips and abdomen work in an ideal harmony. These exercises will make your sports or daily exercises more effective and provide balance and stability. Tight abdomen […]

Sharp Line Breasts | Chest Training Program for 8 × 8 Lean Muscle Growth

You probably think that it is impossible to gain volume and stay lean at the same time. But you may be wrong. This program focuses on the training program created by a man called Vince Gironda. Vince argues that as long as you follow this simple routine of him, you can simultaneously gain volume and keep fat away from your abdominal muscles. The training program is done as 8 × 8. [...]

Texas Method

    Warning: This article is about Mark Rippetoe's training program The Texas Method. All copyrights are reserved by him. Here's What You Need to Know… A beginner bodybuilder can quickly gain strength with a simple training program and linear progress. Its progress slows down as the bodybuilder gains experience. Well-programmed workouts and adequate recovery intervals, moderate […]

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