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23 October 2020

Nutritional Errors

Drinking pickle juice: is it useful or harmful?

Drinking pickle juice: is it useful or harmful?

  Photo source: authoritynutrition.com Pickles have been known as a healthy nutrient for centuries. It is said that Jülius Caesar ordered his soldiers to eat pickles to get stronger, while Cleopatra ate pickles for beauty. Pickled water is thought to have many health benefits and different uses. Pickle juice is claimed to strengthen exercise performance and help balance blood sugar. But in pickled water […]

The Reasons That Should Make Your Kids Think Twice Before Feeding Nutella

  Nutella, one of the popular banquets you can spread on your bread, is actually one of the most poisonous products you can buy for yourself and your family. If we take this into consideration, it has been found in research that Nutella contains toxic compounds of the following species. Vanilin - Vanilin is actually an artificial flavor in Nutella. It is used to bring our brains into play to make us think that we actually taste real vanilla. As a matter of fact, the brain […]

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