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Weight Training for Women | Lift Weight To Burn Fat, Not To Inflate Muscles

Dünyada, kadınlarla çalışan bütün koç ve antrenörlere en büyük engelin ne olduğunu sorsanız, zannediyorum yaklaşık %90’ı, “ağırlık kaldırmanın kadınların kaslarını aşırı şişireceği yanılgısı” gibi bir şeyi gündeme getirecektir.


We came to Turkey in 2016 and still has a fear of some women lifting weights; but i don't blame them. But the truth is that weight training is a much more successful way to get a lean body that many women want to have today. In fact, this is often the missing ingredient of the fat burning recipe!

Weight Training for Women | Burning Fat

Weight Training for Women | Lift Weight To Burn Fat, Not To Inflate Muscles
Your body consists of fat and lean tissue masses (that is, simply all that remains - muscle, bone, water). There is no real substance called "form".


In its simplest definition, being "fit" means having a low body fat ratio and a high muscle mass ratio.

To achieve performance, health and aesthetics, the goal is usually the same: less fat, more lean muscle mass.

It sounds easy, but what is the best way to really achieve this? Lifting weights not only improves your lean tissue mass, but also allows you to burn the fat in your body at a rate that 'regular cardio' can only dream of. Let's take a closer look .. 

Some Available Evidence

Weight Training for Women | Lift Weight To Burn Fat, Not To Inflate Muscles
In 2012, the researchers divided the 30-person, overweight, into three groups of 10, all with the same goal - to lose as much fat as they could lose in a 12-week period. Groups are as follows:

1 a) Diet only


2 a) Diet + aerobics

3 a) Diet + aerobics + weight training


1 a) Only those in the diet group lost an average of 14.6lb / 6.6kg per person in 12 weeks.


2b) The diet + aerobics group lost only one pound more than the diet group (15.5lb / 7kg). Their workout was three times a week for 12 weeks, ranging from 30 to 50 minutes. The addition of aerobic training did not result in a much more significant loss of fat than just diet alone. To me, this is the most surprising part of the research. A total of 36 sessions of aerobics and about 50 minutes each - a heavy and heavy workout to lose just one pound of fat.

3c) Diğer bir taraftan, ağırlık antrenmanı grubu, ortalama 21.1lb/9kg yağ kaybetti. Bu, sadece diyet yapan gruptan %53, diyet + aerobik yapan gruptan %44 daha fazla. Diğer bütün faktörler eşit tutulduğunda, The addition of strength training greatly accelerated fat loss results.

So have they become huge?

Here is the million dollar question!
The good news is: Women have almost no natural level of testosterone, which is necessary to bulge their muscles and gain volume.. In fact, many men too.

Even for men with high testosterone levels, achieving this muscular appearance is a difficult task that requires 24-hour supervision every day.

Even better: Muscle occupies less space than fat.

It is necessary to approach with caution when measuring the total body weight (calculated weight). 

People can weigh the same weight on the scales, but they may look completely different in their body structure.

Aynı yaşta, boyda ve ağırlıkta iki kadın alın. Örnek olması amacıyla, ikisinin de 60 kilo olduğunu varsayalım, fakat Ayşe %30 vücut yağına sahip, Fatma ise % 40. Eğer matematiğim doğruysa, Ayşe’nin vücut yapısı 18kg yağ ve 42kg yağsız doku kütlesinden oluşuyor; ve Fatma’nınki de 24kg yağ, 36 kg yağsız doku kütlesinden oluşuyor. Tam olarak aynı kiloda olmalarına rağmen, baktığınızda birbirlerinden oldukça farklı görüneceklerdir.

Ayşe carries more muscle and less fat. As the muscles take up less space than fat, Ayşe will look stronger and weaker as well as stronger, have a faster resting metabolism and all the other benefits that come with more muscle tissue. 

How Weight Training Burns Fat | Auxiliary Points

Below you will find a few more reasons why strength training is the best way to burn fat. 

Weight Training for Women | Lift Weight To Burn Fat, Not To Inflate Muscles
  • 'Maximizes the Inefficiency of the Fat Burning Rule (I made up this statement). To burn fat, your body can energy-inefficient you want it to be. The more you have trouble doing regular cardio (running, cycling, crossfit, etc.) the more you do, the better you get, the worst as a result, because you become more energy-efficient. On the other hand, if you are better at strength training, you can lift more weight. If you can lift more weight, you have more potential to burn fat.
  • The magic of ESAOT (Excessive Oxygen Consumption After Exercise). Burning fat is not only something that happens during training, but also a process that continues to happen after training. Go run, you probably start burning calories about 30 minutes after finishing. Train strength in a way that speeds up your heartbeat so you can keep burning up to 36 hours of calories after training. So when you go to bed on Tuesday evening, you can still enjoy the effect of training on Monday morning!
  • It makes you feel strong. Nothing raises confidence more than feeling strong.
  • It allows you to eat more without getting greasy. Once you increase your lean body mass, you can really enjoy sweet carbohydrates like milkshakes, frappucino, baklava after training.
  • Once you get used to it, you'll have a lot more fun in weight training - believe me! And more fun equals more stability, and stability is above all else to achieve results!


We hope you are a little more convinced to lift weights.

If there is something you do not fully understand, please do not worry. This is an important issue, so I will probably write another article on it in the future, and you can always contact me for any questions, as always. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below!

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