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Drinking pickle juice: is it useful or harmful?

Drinking pickle juice: is it useful or harmful?
Woman Drinking Pickle Juice

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Pickles as a healthy nutrient for centuries known.

It is said that Jülius Caesar ordered his soldiers to eat pickles to get stronger, while Cleopatra ate pickles for beauty.

Pickled water is thought to have many health benefits and different uses.

Pickle juice is claimed to strengthen exercise performance and help balance blood sugar.

But let's not forget that the salt content in pickled water is also high.

According to what is stated, is pickle juice really useful as it is said? In this article we reveal the facts.

What is pickle juice?

What is Pickle Juice

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The history of pickles dates back to 2030 BC, when passengers canned cucumbers while traveling from India to the Tigris Valley.

To make cucumber pickles, three main ingredients are required: cucumber, salt and water.

Cucumbers are normally located in the outer shell of the cucumber. Lactobacillus It is fermented by bacteria.

But these probiotic bacteria, which are actually useful when cucumbers are processed commercially, are cleaned and vinegar added in place.

After waiting for a few weeks, cucumbers turn into marinade and are ready to eat. Its water is the remaining liquid after the pickles are removed.

The essence of the word: Pickling is an easy way to make canned cucumbers or other foods using water, salt, and sometimes vinegar.

Nutrients in Pickled Water

Listed below is what's found in 100 ml (3.5 oz) of pickled water (1):
  • Carbohydrate:0. 4 grams.
  • Calcium: %1–5 of your daily need.
  • Sodium: –115 of your daily requirement.
  • Potassium: %3 of your daily need.
  • Magnesium: %3 of your daily need.
  • Probiotics: Maximum 10,700 colony forming units per 100 ml. (2)

The essence of the word: Pickled water contains traces of carbohydrates, minerals, and sometimes probiotics. Also, the amount of sodium is high.

Health Benefits and Uses

Jar Pickle Juice Types

Photo source: lezzetkasifleri.com
It is claimed that pickle juice has many health benefits and uses. Here are just a few of the most common of these claims: 

Claim 1: Pickle Water is Beneficial for Sports Performance 

Many people think that the high amount of sodium in pickled water increases hydration and improves performance before exercising.

But there are many different studies on this subject. In one of the experiments, participants consumed 2 ml of pickled water per 1 kg, based on body weight, before exercise. But he couldn't see any effect on his running performance, sweat rate or body temperature (3).

In addition, pickled water drunk after exercises is said to be beneficial and beneficial.
However, some studies show that pickled water increases the desire to drink water and increase the sodium value in the blood, while others show that it has no effect (4, 5, 6).

The essence of the word: Small amount of pickled water does not have a significant effect on exercise performance. 

Claim 2: Pickle Water Treats Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps can disturb you unpleasantly during exercise or lying down on your bed at night.

The interesting thing is that according to recent research, 1 ml of pickled water you drink per kg based on your body weight can end this muscle cramp in about a minute and a half. (7).

In muscle contractions, the rate of recovery by drinking pickled water is faster than the recovery rate by drinking only water, and % 45 is faster than the recovery rate without consuming any water. (7).

Researchers say that a substance in pickled water can trigger one of the reflexes in the mouth and send a signal to the nerves to stop cramps. 

However, more research and experimentation is needed to prove this finding.

The essence of the word: You see, cramp is coming, try drinking a glass of pickle juice. According to research, you will see the help of this.

Claim 3: Pickle Juice Reduces Abdominal Pain

Vinegar is one of the healing sources we use to relieve abdominal pain. In addition, vinegar is one of the main ingredients of many pickles produced for commercial purposes.

According to people's experience, a glass of pickle juice can help relieve abdominal pain.
This is because some abdominal pain is due to abnormally low gastric acid production. (8, 9)

In such cases, consuming pickled water helps restore stomach acid to a healthy level.
However, we should note that there is not enough research and experimentation to prove this.

The essence of the word: This claim is perhaps an urban legend, but still worth trying. However, it is beneficial for people with ulcers not to try without consulting their doctor.

Claim 4: Pickle Juice Good for Next-Day Drunkenness

Pickled Juice After Drunkenness

Photo source: thescene.com
Most of us feel bad the day after alcohol consumption, and this usually happens because the body is dehydrated. The salt content in pickle water is one of the foods that may be beneficial for the next day's drunkenness as it will direct you to drink more water. (5)

If you experience drunkenness the next day and love pickles, you will not lose anything if you try to drink pickle water as a treatment.

However, there is no scientific research to prove that pickle juice can be more useful than other salty drinks.

The essence of the word: Pickled water may be useful to your drunkenness the next day as it will direct you to consume more water. But there is no scientific research to prove it.

Claim 5: Pickled Water is Good for Sunburn

Pickled Water Good For Sunburn

Photo source: thesun.co.uk
Pickled water is also a popular solution for sunburn treatment.

You can apply it directly on the sunburn as well as on a burnt skin with the help of a cloth.

It cannot be said that these discourses spread from mouth to mouth are proved by scientific research.
However, when Aloe Vera is not available, it may not hurt to try pickle water treatment as an alternative for such events.

The essence of the word: Taking into account the lack of scientific research, we can say that pickle juice is a popular home treatment for sunburn.

Claim 6: Pickle Juice Good for Menstrual Pain

Woman with a painful period in her stomach

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Consumption of pickle juice not only reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease, but also strengthens the digestive and immune system.

The reason for this are antioxidants and probiotics, which are thought to contain pickled water.

While it is said that the consumption of pickled water may have an antioxidant effect on the body, there is no research on the amount or types of antioxidants in it.

Coming to probiotics, vegetable pickles made with vinegar are delicious, but they do not contain any beneficial bacteria.

Only fermented pickles contain beneficial bacteria. You can find fermented pickles in the cold cabinets of the markets. Pickles kept at room temperature are pickles made with vinegar.

However, even fermented pickles do not contain as much probiotics as yogurt or other probiotic-containing foods.

To reach a therapeutic level, you may need to consume a few glasses of pickled water a day. (2)

The essence of the word: Pickle juice may not be rich in antioxidants and probiotics. You may need to consider its benefits against diseases in a skeptical way.  

Claim 7: Pickled Water Helps You Control Blood Sugar

Chronic high blood sugar can lead to type II diabetes and the emergence of a wide range of other chronic diseases.

Interestingly, vinegar in commercially prepared pickled water can help keep your blood sugar low.

Vinegar is known for increasing the body's resistance to insulin and significantly lowering blood sugar after meals. (10, 11, 12, 13, 14)

However, only one of the studies conducted to date can prove that pickle juice lowers the blood sugar that pops after meals. (15)

Pickled water can also lower blood sugar by slowing digestion after eating. (16)

If you are already using a medicine to lower your blood sugar, be sure to consult your doctor before drinking pickled water.

The essence of the word: Just like vinegar, pickled water can help you lower blood sugar levels that rise after meals.

Safety and Side Effects

Pickled Water Side Effects Canned Pickles

Photo source: adanamrvertis.com
Although it has many claimed benefits and uses, pickle water may not be beneficial for everyone.

Before you make pickle water consumption habit, you should consider:

  • Acid:  Because of the acid it contains,  Gout  may not be suitable for those with the condition.
  • High sodium: The high amount of salt it contains can cause problems such as inability to urinate, swelling or bloating.
  • Hypertension: Since you consume high amounts of salt, the amount of water you lose may increase your blood pressure.
  • Indigestion: Too much pickle juice can cause gas, stomach pain and diarrhea.
  • Cramp: Some doctors believe that drinking pickled water actually causes electrolyte disturbances and makes cramping pains worse. However, research does not support this. (4, 5, 6, 17)

The essence of the word: Drinking pickle juice is generally safe. But if any or most of the above items suit you, it is a good idea to consult your doctor.

The Lesson From Here

According to research, pickle water consumption is very helpful in relieving cramps and keeping blood sugar normal.

However, there is no evidence that pickle juice is the only factor when it comes to these benefits. Canned olive or pickled pepper juice can show the same benefits.

As for other claims about pickle juice, the evidence is based solely on the consequences of what happened. These can only be coincidences.

Therefore, the consumption of pickle juice may or may not be useful to you, you should try and see if it is beneficial for you.

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