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STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5: 12-Week Fitness and Bodybuilding Program

STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5: 12-Week Fitness and Bodybuilding Program to Strengthen, Build Muscles and Burn Fat

STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 is the simplest and most effective fitness and bodybuilding program to strengthen, build muscle and burn fat.
MUSCLE POWER to change their bodies and lives of thousands of people in Turkey use the 5 × 5 program. The program is easy to follow and consists of only three workouts of about 45 minutes a week.
STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 training program uses 5 different exercises with free weights: Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Overhead Press and Barbell Row. In each study, you do three of these exercises three times a week and approximately 45 minutes per workout. Squat movement is done three times a week, in each study.


5 × 5 means five sets of five repetitions. These are the sets and repetitions that you do in every exercise except Deadlift. Deadlift only is a set of five repetitions (1 × 5). Doing Squat three times a week allows you to be stronger in Deadlift as it works similar muscles.

Unlike most bodybuilding programs, POWERFUL MUSCLES 5 × 5 is not your goal to lift weights, pump muscles or stay in pain until you miss out again. Your goal is to increase weight. You'll do it like this: start lightly, focus on the right method and add 2.5kg as long as you can withstand every workout. This is the easiest way to get fast results.

STRONG MUSCLES It is the most effective training for novices who are just starting to lift 5 × 5 weights. This guide will show you all the details on how to implement the STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 program.

STRENGTHS 5x5: Strength Training Table of Contents and Topics - GÜÇLÜYAŞA


Summary of STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5

STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 consists of two bodybuilding workouts:
  • Training A: Squat, Bench Press, Barbell Row
  • Training B: Squat, Overhead Press, Deadlift,

You will work three times a week, switching between Training A and B, and resting at least one day between the two training programs. You should never work for two consecutive days because your body needs a rest to get stronger.

Most athletes work on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays. But you can work on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday. As long as you train three times a week and take a break between your two training programs for at least one day, you can work as you wish.

STRONG MUSCLES Start with Training A when you apply 5 × 5 for the first time. Apply Training B two days later. Thus, the first week will be A / B / A, the second week will be B / A / B, the third week will be A / B / A and so on. Check out the tables below:

STRENGTHS 5x5: Strength Training Weekly Training Program - GÜÇLÜYAŞA
STRONG MUSCLES The third week of 5 × 5 is like the first week, the fourth week is like the second week, and the fifth week is like the first week and so on. You will continue to work with increasing weight in each training session.

5 × 5 means five sets of five repetitions with the same weight. However, your light warming sets are not included. 1 × 5 is a five-set heavy set and is done after warm-up and is only valid for Deadlift. (Squatting three times a week will make you stronger for Deadlift as it works similar muscles. So no more sets are needed.)

Your goal is not to pump or hurt the muscles (however, pain may occur when weights increase). Your goal is to increase weight in every workout. Do every 5 × 5 exercise by adding 2.5kg weight next time (i.e. add 1.25kg to each end of the bar). If you're doing a 1 × 5 Deadlift, add 5kg of weight next time (ie 2.5kg on each end of the bar).
Do not start with too much weight, or your legs may hurt and you may want to stop working from the first week. Start with a light weight to get your body accustomed to doing the Squat movement three times a week. Note that when squatting you add 2.5kg to the bar in each workout or 30kg per month. Do not worry, the weight will increase rapidly. So there is no need to start very slowly.



If you have done regular free weight exercises such as Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift before, start with of the weight you can do up to 5 reps. Start with the following weights, if you have never lifted free weights before, or have not even held your hands for years, or if you have no idea what the maximum 5-weight means is:

  • squat, Bench Press, Overhead Press: 20kg. This is the weight of an empty Olympic bar.
  • deadlift: 40kg. An Olympic bar with a weight of 10kg on both sides.
  • Barbell row: 30kg. An Olympic bar with 5kg of weight on both sides.

You will start the Deadlift and Barbell Row exercises more heavily because you cannot do these exercises properly by holding an empty bar in the air. Each repetition must be started by lifting weights from the ground.

If you start with these weights, the first two weeks of STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 will be as follows.

All weights include the weight of the bar as you lift it too. The weight of a standard Olympic bar is 20 kilograms. To make 5 × 5 Squats with 30kg, you place 5kg of weight on both sides of the Olympic bar. You will do five reps in each set and add 2.5kg of weight in Squat movement in the next workout. So you will add 1.25kg of weight to both ends of the bar.

Only in Deadlift will you increase the weight by 5kg per workout - which means adding 2.5kg to both ends of the bar. Deadlift runs more muscles than other exercises, so you will make faster progress while doing this movement. Therefore, you can use larger weights. When you reach 100kg, increase 2.5kg in each workout. Otherwise you will run out fast.

If these weights seem “easy” to you or seem to be so, remember that you add 2.5kg in each workout. This means you will be Squatting at 5 × 5, 50kg in four weeks, 80kg in eight weeks, and 110kg in 12 weeks. The weights I mentioned are much more than the weights that most people go to the gym every day do Squat. Think long term, but you can get stronger this way.

Now you will add weight on each exercise. But not forever. After a while, it will be very difficult to do 5 reps with high weights. Finally, you will start to miss again. Try again in the next workout. If it doesn't work, there are other ways to get around it. We will explain them later. But the important thing now is that you started!

STRONG MUSCLES History of 5 × 5

STRENGTHS 5x5: 12-Week Training Program for Strengthening (Bodybuilding and Fitness) - GÜÇLÜYAŞA



STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 is based on the 5 × 5 routine of Arnold Schwarzenegger's teacher Reg Park.
Reg Park was the first coach to write about 5 × 5 training in 1960. For the past 60 years, many people have been writing about 5 × 5 training even before I was born. So I'm not the first to discover this 🙂

I came across the 5 × 5 routine in 2010. At that time, I was doing separate regional bodybuilding exercises for 5 regions, and I was overwhelmed by training 6 times a week, spending two hours in the gym every day, working until I missed each set again, waking up tired every morning and so on. Unfortunately, I did not know how to develop a body otherwise ...



During the summer of 2010, I went to Russia with two friends. Some guys who never seem to lift weights challenged us in arm wrestling. I've lost against all of them (over and over!).

This made me realize that I was only strong in the gym but not like that outside. All of my strength was the "fake" gym power. Fluffy, artificial muscles. A ton of demonstration, but zero "performance". So when I returned to Turkey in Google "How to be stronger?" I called. And that's when I discovered that to gain strength:

  • You have to use free weights instead of machines.
  • You should do compound exercises, not different isolation exercises.
  • It was also necessary to add weights and work in the correct position.

It made sense. So I started looking for a training program that included all these criteria for strengthening. And just then, in a forum, I saw that one of the men couldn't put an outdated workout on the ground. Its name was “5 × 5”.

It was suspicious. 5 × 5 looked very simple. Five exercises, three times a week, 45 minutes of training. There was no isolation movement, a high number of repetitions, machines, studies until they missed again, "wasted". Yet this man claimed that I would be STRONGer by doing less and working less. This seemed too good to be true.

But I tried and it turned out to be true. So 5 × 5 became the basis for everything I did. I even told my friends to make 5 × 5. It was very simple and easy. Finally, we all got stronger.
In 2016, one of my friends told me to open a website on how to become stronger. I was reluctant to have almost no technical knowledge. But I'm tired of seeing people waste their lives by doing regional bodybuilding workouts like me. I stopped making excuses and I gucluyasa.co I opened the site.

STRONGER initially consisted of only a few pages of sites that describe basic things to people: exercises, workouts, motivation, diet and so on. But people wanted more: they wanted a training program to get stronger. So I made it a detailed guide for something that worked for me and all my friends: Reg Park's 5 × 5 routine.

This started with an article called "Strength Training Bodybuilding Program". People tried and got stronger. In a few weeks, the post received 3000 views. Some members of our online community started talking about this routine as "STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5". It sounded simpler. So we started saying that.

Today, STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 are all over the internet. There are those who have used this program to get stronger in every weight lifting forum. This is great, but I did not invent it. I just gathered the information together, created this detailed guide so you can easily follow your workouts and started selling the program on the site. The real fame must be Reg Park. 

Muscles Worked

STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 is the whole bodybuilding program. Each exercise runs multiple muscles at the same time. These combined exercises work your entire body together. That's what makes the program time-efficient - you can work out all your muscles with just 3 exercises per workout!

It may be hard to believe if you are accustomed to training only one muscle group by doing a dozen isolation exercises per workout. But you don't need to train them directly to build your muscles. Even with compound exercises, your muscles grow more because you lift more weight. This causes further growth.



That's why more strength is more muscle. The stronger you are, the more weight you can lift and the more muscular you will be. You must have bigger muscles to lift bigger weights. So it doesn't matter how many exercises you have. The important thing is density.

The intensity is higher in compound exercises because you can lift more weight. STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 uses the top five compound exercises - this is also called the "big fives" in the community. The muscles that you will exercise each week by doing Squat, Bench Press, Overhead Press, Deadlift and Barbell Row are:

  • Breast. When doing Bench Press, your entire chest works to push the bar upward from your chest. When doing Overhead Press, your upper chest works to lift the weight off your shoulder.
  • Shoulders. When doing Overhead Press, your entire shoulder (front, side, and back) works to raise your arms.
  • Arms. When doing Barbell Row, your biceps raise the weight. When doing bench / overhead press, your triceps push the weight. Your arms tighten to hold the bar with each exercise.
  • Forearms. Your forearms work while lifting the weight in all exercises. They work hard when fighting against gravity, so as not to drop the bar while deadlift.
  • Abdomen. Your abdominal muscles work to support your spine in all exercises. It prevents your waist from bending while doing Deadlift, Squat and Barbell Row. They won't let your waist bend while doing Overhead Press.
  • Thighs. Your thighs work to keep your wrists straight while lifting the weight to make Squats or Deadlifts. Overhead / Bench Press and Barbell Row keep you in balance.
  • Trapezes. While your trapezes hold Deadlift and Barbell Row, they keep your shoulders in place. They carry the power to the bar. At the same time, they tighten while doing the Overhead Press.
  • Legs. Your front, back and side leg muscles work hard and grow stronger while doing Squat and Deadlift. Overhead / Bench Press and Barbell Row keep you in balance.
  • Waist. Your waist prevents your spine from bending while doing Deadlift, Squat and Barbell Row. Your back pulls the weight up in Barbell Row. It also allows you to keep the bar straight while doing Deadlift.

STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 program enjoys certain muscle groups, not allowing you to favor. Compound exercises work your entire body equally. So you wouldn't look funny like a cartoon character, Johnny Bravo, whose chest and arms are developed, without back and legs. Instead, you build a balanced and looking physics.

Even the lower and upper body distribution is almost equal. You do 150 Squat repetitions (lower body), 150 Bench / Overhead Press (upper body), 15 Deadlift (lower body) and 75 Barbell Row repetitions (upper body) in two weeks. This means lower body and upper body work. This means a balanced bodybuilding.

POWERFUL MUSCLES 5 × 5 is NOT a professional bodybuilding program. This is a strengthening program. Of course, you will also improve your body while doing this. You will also do muscle. And much more. But you will not be a professional bodybuilder. Instead, you will have a muscular and athletic body. Not only looks strong but also really strong.

The trick is to increase your strength. If you're doing a 50kg Bench Press, don't expect to have the chest of someone doing a 100kg Bench. While you can't even Squat at 60kg, don't expect to have the legs of someone who squats at 180kg. Put 140kg Squat, 100kg Bench Press and 180kg Deadlift to your target.

Typical Results

STRENGTHS 5x5: 12-Week Training Program for Strengthening (Bodybuilding and Fitness) - GÜÇLÜYAŞA



The results you get depend on your age, gender, weight, technique, diet, sleep, experience, order, and effort.
The results you get depend on your age, gender, weight, technique, diet, sleep, experience, order, and effort. Most people increased their Squat weight to 100kg, gained 12kg of muscle and lost 6kg of fat in one year with this program. But these results varied in the elderly and women.

But as long as you do as described, the results you should expect in the POWERFUL MUSCLES 5 × 5 program should increase in strength and muscle mass. The magnitude and time it will take varies. But I have never heard of someone who has not improved himself with this program. Here are the results you should expect if you act according to the book…
  • More Force. With each STRONG MUSCLE 5 × 5 workout, you will gain more strength. You will quickly be able to lift more weight than other people. Your strength will also be transferred to daily physical activities outside the gym. It will be easier to lift heavy things, carry shopping bags and go up the stairs.
  • More Muscle. Your muscles will be bigger and stronger to lift weights. If you have not done a regular weight lifting training program like this before, you will gain 12kg lean muscle mass in a year. You will also regain the muscles you have lost and stop muscle loss due to aging or nutrition.
  • Less Fat. As weights increase, you will burn more energy. You will continue to energize after training to improve your muscles. Your metabolism will accelerate. Apart from lifting weights, if you eat right, you will burn fat. Your body fat is without cardio! Will be reduced.
  • More Sex. Whether you are a woman or a man, it doesn't matter. A muscular body is more attractive than a fatty body. Your clothes fit better. Your posture changes. Your testosterone level increases. You will look better and feel better, and this will increase your success against the opposite sex. You will have more sex. Really.
  • More Durability. As your muscles are stronger, they get tired later. They make less effort to do things like walking or running. You will be surprised that you can run three kilometers suddenly, even if you have never run before.
  • More Power. Stronger muscles can do more work in the same time. Therefore, increasing your strength will make you a stronger and lively athlete. You'll be faster on the pitch, harder to lower you, and hit harder. It will be harder for them to beat you.
  • More Fitness. Your heart muscle will be stronger like your other muscles. You will spend less on daily activities because your stronger heart will be less tired. Your blood pressure and heart rate will decrease. Your heart health will improve.
  • More Flexibility. Your hips will have increased mobility because Squatting three times a week will move your legs to the full range of motion. As you keep the bar on your back, your shoulder flexibility will increase. At the same time, your chest will stretch and your posture will improve.
  • More Health. Your testosterone level will increase. Your cholesterol, blood pressure and stress levels will decrease. Your sugar metabolism and insulin resistance will improve. All this will make you feel healthier and younger. You will have more energy than before.
  • Less Injury. Your bone density will increase and your balance will improve. Your joints, spine, and muscles around your spine will strengthen. They will further support and protect your spine. This will further protect you from injuries and help you get rid of your pain.
  • More Self Confidence. People will notice your new body and strength. Some will praise you. Some will ask you for your advice. This positive feedback and your respect and changes will make you more confident. You will be more confident.
  • More Hardness. Adding weight to each workout is hard work. But this will strengthen both your body and your mind. It will increase your stamina, tolerance and mental stamina. This will make it easier for you to be hardworking because you will be tougher (both mentally and physically).
  • More time. You will only have three workouts per week. In the first 12 weeks, each workout is just 45 minutes, then a maximum of 80 minutes. So you will spend a maximum of 4 hours a week in the gym. The remaining 164 hours are passed on to your family, friends, hobbies, etc. without feeling guilty. You could spend. You will have a life outside the gym.
  • More Money. You don't need expensive supplements to get results (most of them don't work anyway). You don't need a lot of equipment either. You can easily build a home gym and work in your home. This saves the money given to the gym.

For best results, male bodybuilders need to raise 140kg of Squats, 100kg of Bench Press and 180kg of Deadlifte. Anything below that is not enough to see a huge change. In this case, your goal should be to increase the weight until you see these minimums.

Warning: Although this program seems easy, it is not. You add weight in every workout. This triggers your body to gain strength and muscle to lift more weight in the next workout. The most effective way to train, but hard work. Some people don't have the mental strength to do this. But if you do, you win.

How to Get Started

STRONG MUSCLES The best way to understand that 5 × 5 will strengthen you is to try it for 12 weeks. After all, you found the program and you have nothing to lose. Here is the best way to start…
  1. Read this entire guide. You will find that it is very simple and anyone can make this program.
  2. Download the spreadsheet - Seeing how strong you will be in 12 weeks will motivate you.
  1. Find a gym - all you need is one power rack, bench stand, olympic barbell and weight plates. Find a gym today, before the day ends.
  2. And get up and start. Don't just read and read. Start the POWERFUL MUSCLES 5 × 5 program this week. You can only get stronger by working.


grow stronger

STRENGTHS 5x5: 12-Week Training Program for Strengthening (Bodybuilding and Fitness) - GÜÇLÜYAŞA
In Ancient Greece, Milo, a Croton wrestler, did this by carrying a newborn calf on his back every day as he tried to get stronger for the Olympics.
In Ancient Greece, Milo, a Croton wrestler, did this by carrying a newborn calf on his back every day as he tried to get stronger for the Olympics. As the calf grew, the weight it carried increased. This training encouraged Milo's body to strengthen and build muscle. He turned him into one of the strongest men of his time.

Maybe it's just an urban legend, but the story tells how STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 will make you stronger: you won't start heavy, lift weights or pumping muscles until you miss out. You will start lightly, do the exercises with the right method, and add a little more weight each time. You will continue as long as you can and thus you will get stronger.
Don't worry, you don't have to lift a calf. But you will lift the weight to gain “real world power”. Not for fake gym strength, but for gaining real power that can also be used outside the gym. Some people call it "functional power." Here's how it will be…
  • Free Weights. The machines in the gym balance the weights and this balancer makes your muscles weak. But when working with free weights, you have to balance the weights yourself, so your balancing muscles are strengthened. This provides real power. That's why STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 free weights are used.
  • Compound Exercises. Isolation movements like dumbbell curls are rarely done in the real world. Lifting or carrying heavy objects always involves more than one muscle. So you need to do exercises that mimic real-world movements to get stronger. These are Deadlift, Squat, and all other STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 exercises.
  • Rods. Squatting with 180kg on your back is easier than working with a 90-pound dumbbell in both hands. In addition, it is easier to add 2,5kg in dumbbells than dumbbells in each study. STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 barbell is used because you can lift the maximum weight this way and show the most progress this way.
  • 5 Again. If you do 5 reps instead of 8, 10 or 12 reps, you can lift more weight. The more you do it the more you get tired and your procedure gets worse. In low repetitions, you can lift more weight with better method. STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 uses five reps that can lift more weight and get stronger.
  • Frequency. world champion Mike Tuchscherer once "Power is a skill. ” The more you do an exercise, the better your procedure and the more effective you are in lifting weights. STRONG MUSCLES You'll do each exercise several times a week at 5 × 5 because that's the key to strengthening.

There is also the fact that; Working to gain power is a marathon, not a run. Don't be one of the "rabbits" trying to run fast to get to the finish line quickly. If you do this, you will get tired, your life will want to pass your workouts and your progress will be undermined early. Be a turtle: start lightly, add a little more weight with each exercise, and get stronger at a steady pace.

If you can squat at 140kg with your hips below your knee level in each rep, you are too strong for STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5. You need a more advanced program. However, if you cannot squat with 100kg of free weight and correctly, the simplest program you can find to get stronger is POWERFUL MUSCLES 5 × 5.

Building muscle

Contrary to what most athletes believe, you don't have to run that muscle directly to develop a muscle. You don't have to do dozens of different exercises from a different angle each time to run your muscles in all directions. And the best way to build muscle is NOT to exercise until it becomes "unable to work" and wake up exhausted the next day.
Instead, just get stronger. Because the stronger you get, the more weights and the more muscles you build. Lifting heavy things forces your body to add muscle. That is why someone who does Bench with 140kg usually has a larger and larger chest than someone who does Bench with 60kg. More strength means more muscle.



That's why the most successful bodybuilders from the legendary Reg Park to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman could do Deadlift with a weight of more than 350kg. They knew that the secret to doing muscle was lifting heavy and getting stronger.

Many people think that STRONG MUSCLES can not build muscle with 5 × 5, as it is done with only three exercises. But the secret of building muscle is not the number of exercises, but its intensity. Doing 5 × 5 Squats with 100kg is an exercise in itself. You will be happy as you do not have to exercise more than three exercises in each training session.

The reason is: Squat is a compound exercise. It exercises more than one muscle at the same time. The same is true for the Bench Press: The Bench Press is NOT a “chest” exercise. What is holding the bar? Your hands. What is moving? Your arm. Neverleg driveHave you heard anything like that? ” When you do Bench Press with more weight, your whole body works.

But most people can't bear that much weight. They just curl up. That's why they do so many exercises in each workout. You can't do this in heavy compound exercises. Worse still, many young athletes care about their arms and breasts by neglecting their legs and backs. This causes an unstable physique and low back pain.

STRONG MUSCLES In 5 × 5, the situation is different. You can't have an unbalanced physique in GÜÇLÜKASLAR because you work out your entire body by doing combined exercises. You can deal with much larger weights than exercises such as curl, flies or leg extensions, which are made as isolation alone. As a result, you are a stronger person and eventually you build muscle.

Better yet, you will do so many muscles with less work. Because you are working out your whole body with only 5 exercises. So there is no longer a need to spend hours in the gym, work out only one muscle group every day, or train five times a week. Just 3 workouts and that is all. So you can actually have a muscular life outside the gym.

STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 will work every muscle in your body in just 45 minutes per workout using only three compound exercises and three times a week as follows:

  • Breast. Reaching 100kg in the Bench Press will have the biggest impact on having a larger chest. You don't have to do shit or anything else like Incline or Decline Bench Press. Focus on lifting big weights with just the straight Bench Press.
  • Shoulders. Both Overhead Press and Bench Press will work your shoulders hard while lifting weights. Nothing else made me have wider shoulders until I started doing Overhead Press.
  • Arms. First of all, making heavy Barbell Row works your forearms very well. Second, doing heavy presses like Bench and Overhead work your back arms very well. Thirdly, you hold the bar in each exercise and you tighten your arms and press them during heavy exercises. Thus, your arms have done a direct and indirect tone to grow.
  • Forearms. With your hands, you should grip the bar tightly with each exercise. Doing this and doing heavy Deadlift exercises will improve your forearms. Forget high-repetitive bending movements in all directions.
  • Abdominal muscles. Your abdominal muscles have to work hard to prevent your waist from bending while doing heavy Squat, Deadlift and Overhead Press movements. Stronger abdominal muscles are the six-six pack golden key to abdominal muscles. Do not forget that you need to eat right, by the way. Otherwise, your abdominal muscles will be hidden under a layer of fat.
  • Thighs. Doing Squat and Deadlift will also work your calf muscles. But if you don't have large calves like me, don't expect a miracle to happen. Because in this case, there is not much muscle to work, only tendons are involved. The hearts are mostly genetic. As Arnold Schwarzenegger said, I accepted it and accepted myself as I am. I recommend the same to you.
  • Trapezes. Shrug is a terrible move. If you want great and huge trapezes, you should do Deadlift with big weights. For proof, take pictures of yourself before and after. Your trapezes will be huge from the moment you can lift 8 plates (180kg) off the ground.
  • Hips. You will need to buy a new pair of pants after you start your squat training with 6 plates (140kg). Even your shorts can be torn in the gym ...Note: You cannot hold us responsible for this)
  • Back. Forget about Lat pulldowns and all you know about them. Heavy Deadlift and Barbell Rows will have a very strong effect on your back muscles. You will have a V-shaped body that is voluminous, power and everyone wants but very few can have.

STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 is a strengthening program. This is NOT a program for professional bodybuilders. Many bodybuilders use large amounts of medication and look like a mutant. This program has nothing to do with it. STRONG MUSCLES It is the program of those who want to achieve a strong, natural, lean and athletic body without using drugs such as 5 × 5 steroids.

Lose weight

STRENGTHS 5x5: Difference Between Body Mass Index Muscular and Fat Body

From time to time, emails come from big friends who panic. Usually these people have been implementing the STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 program for seven weeks and everything is going well… except for gaining weight instead of losing weight. What is this now?

The picture on the left shows how this can happen. Two men; same height, same weight, same body mass index. But they look different. One is all over the muscle, the other is completely fat. I bet you want to look like the one on the left. 😀



In this case, remember: STRONG MUSCLES With the 5 × 5 program, the more you get stronger, the more muscles you build. Muscle is more dense than fat. Even if you are at the same weight, you will appear weaker. Just like the picture. Although you look better, you may not see much difference in the scale at first.

The reason is: lean muscle gain is 0.25kg per week for new and drug-free weight-lifters. As for weight loss: it is recommended to have a maximum of 0.5kg of fat loss per week (for this you need to eat less each day).

Now, if you do not strictly follow your diet, you will not be able to burn 0.5kg of fat a week with STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5. The initial weights remain too light for this. But from the first day, you will start to get stronger and build muscle. And over time, you will burn fat.

This explains why overweight men see little but unbelievable changes in the scale, and how your clothes start to fit on you: because you do both muscle and burn fat at the same time.

Of course, you cannot understand this only by looking at the scale. In particular, your body weight may change due to fluctuations in the daily water retention in the body, the content of the intestines, urinary condition, fat burning, muscle gain, bone gain, and so on. In fact, you shouldn't look at the scale while it is going great, and think you are in bad shape!

Yes, the secret of losing weight lies in increasing the amount of calories you burn with STRONG Muscles 5 × 5. How Does? By increasing the weight on the barbell. If your weight is too much, it will be easier to lift larger weights. Aim for 140kg in Squat. If you start to 5 × 5 150kg Squat, you will become a fat burning machine.

Moreover, POWERFUL MUSCLES You can add half an hour of cardio to your program to continue burning calories after 5 × 5 and speed up weight loss. But your priority should be lifting weights because you need to build muscle. And don't forget, don't do cardio on your free days in between. Your body needs to rest. You need to Squat those legs. So don't do cardio on rest days. Correct your eating habits by the way 🙂

I saw many big athletes who changed their goals when they reached a certain point. As I realized that their strength increased, I witnessed that they stopped trying to reach a certain number in the scale. The reason for this is that it doesn't matter how many kilos you have at the end of the day. The purpose of all this is to be healthier, to look better and to get stronger. So lift more weights and you will achieve those goals.

Burn Fat

The picture above shows the importance of lifting weights to burn fat. Muscle is more dense than fat. And muscle is made by lifting weights. Lifting weights also burns calories and speeds up your metabolism. So you start to lift weights, build muscles, burn fat, and look weaker even if you're at the same weight - or eat the same amount.

Meanwhile, most people try to lose weight by eating less, without exercising at all. However, the number of people who can keep low-calorie diets for a long time is quite low. Many get hungry, have a crisis, and eventually become fatter by eating more than before. A few people who can continue these low-calorie diets are also starting to melt their hunger muscles. They eventually become skinny, overweight, weak and ugly.
Others are trying to burn fat just running. These people are the "cardio crazies" you see in the gym. They do cardio six days a week and bury a big menu from McDonalds after the workout. They are unaware that their half-hour cardion burns just 400 calories on an Big Mac. When they go to Mc Donalds after the exercise, that half-hour cardio they do goes to the trash automatically.



Yes, it's a good option to speed up cardio fat burning because it increases the amount of calories you burn. But if you don't exercise six hours a day like Michael Phelps, your cardio can never compensate for your bad eating habits. You also need to eat properly. And lifting weights should always come BEFORE cardio about burning fat. The reason for this is the following:

  • Lifting weights will burn more calories. Your body burns energy to lift weights. The greater the weight, the more energy consumed and the more calories you burn. Especially if you're doing full-body exercises like Squat. That's why a weight-lifter can eat more than fattening than an ordinary person.
  • Lifting weights accelerates metabolism. They call it "burning later" or EPOC. You will continue to burn calories in the hours after lifting weights. This helps you burn fat.
  • Lifting weights builds muscle. Neither allows you to build cardio muscle, nor a low-calorie diet. Just lifting weights makes muscles and the stronger you can, the more weights and the more muscular you will look.
  • Lifting weights prevents muscle loss. A low-calorie diet and excessive cardio loses muscle. This leads to an unhealthy and repulsive, skinny but fat look. However, while lifting weights allows you to build muscle, it also prevents muscle loss due to factors such as diet or aging, etc. The muscles you have while burning fat make you look healthier and more attractive.
  • Lifting weights makes you look slimmer. Look at the picture above again. Muscle is more dense than fat. So, by lifting weights, you build muscle, burn fat, and even if you are at the same weight, you will appear weaker than before.

STRONG MUSCLES There is another way 5 × 5 helps you lose weight. People who lift weights are more strict than those who do not exercise their diets. Lifting weights is a kind of domino stone effect. It motivates you to live healthier and eat better. You can burn fat without doing boring cardio work with POWERFUL MUSCLES 5 × 5 by eating better. This is great.

Gaining Volume

Many people think that even just touching the barbell will be enough to become a body like Arnold overnight. However, although I have been lifting weights for 10 years and being able to Squat with 180kg, I am not at all grave.

The reason for this is that when people talk about the concepts of "volume" or "size", they are actually talking about gaining weight. Yes, you will build muscle by lifting weights. But muscle is more dense than fat. Also, lifting excess weight burns calories and speeds up your metabolism. So lifting weights will make you look more athletic (but weaker) even if you are at the same weight.
This shows that STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 alone is not enough to be “large”. If you want to be bigger, so if you want "body", you need to gain weight. You need to increase your body weight. How Does? By eating more. Food contains energy. So calories. If you eat more calories than your body burns and lift weights, you will become muscular and “fatty”.



It is true that STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 burns a lot of calories in large weights. This can make you hungry and cause you to eat more. But unless you actually eat more than before, you can't just become weighty by lifting weights. I didn't have it for example.

So if you want to gain weight, you need to eat more. If you are thin before you start lifting weights like me, the easiest way would be to eat more meals every day. Start with three meals. Take out your meals four after a month. Eat five meals a day after a month. Do not rush. Give your body time to get used to eating more. Be like a turtle, just like weights.

And stay away from weight-bearing supplements. Such things are often filled with sugar and additives that will make you fat and bad. They will also take you away from making your own food and eating more. Your goal is to strengthen permanently and achieve permanent muscles. Not to become skinny or weak after a few weeks.


STRONG MUSCLES Free weights are used in all exercises at 5 × 5. Doing any STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 exercise on press machines will gain less power than doing with free weights. The situation is the same for the smith machine, where the barbell is placed on the tracks. The reason for this is that unlike free weights, the machines balance the weights for you.
Many people think that machines are safer by fearing free weights because you cannot drop the weight on the machines or on your feet. However, the machines force you to stand in fixed and unnatural positions. It forces you to do the same move every time. This causes repeated recurrent overload and chronic discomfort in the knees, shoulders and back.



STRONG MUSCLES At 5 × 5, dumbbells are used. Dumbbells are usually less effective because they usually increase two kilos each. In this way, you cannot continue progressing for a long time. It is also impossible to do heavy Squats using dumbbells. Leg force rarely holds while keeping weight in both hands limiting factor It happens. So use free weights, dumbbells.


STRENGTHS 5x5: 12-Week Training Program for Strengthening (Bodybuilding and Fitness) - GÜÇLÜYAŞASquat STRONG MUSCLES are the main exercise of 5 × 5.
Squat STRONG MUSCLES are the main exercise of 5 × 5. With the bar on your back, crouch down on your knees and stand up again. STRONG MUSCLES You'll Squat in every workout at 5 × 5. Squat inside the Power Rack for maximum security.
Squat is a compound exercise that works the whole body. You squat by putting the barbell on your back and crouching on your knees. Squatting directly runs your rafters, forelegs, hind leg muscles, hip muscles and thighs. However, your abdominal muscles and waist also work to keep the bar under weight constant.



Squat is the king of all exercises. It provides much more secretion of testosterone and growth hormone compared to exercises like leg press. That's why Squat must be indispensable for strength and muscle building. Nothing I did at the gym didn't work until I started Squatting. You have to squat. And with POWERFUL MUSCLES 5 × 5, you'll Squat 3 times a week.

Many people fear that Squatting will damage the knees. But I've been Squatting for 10 years and my knees are in great shape. So are the knees of all our other members. Squat is also effective in healing anterior cruciate ligament injuries. The secret to doing Safe Squat lies in finding the right position. This will be as follows:

  • Put your hips back - think as if you are sitting on the toilet, push your hips back as you go down
  • Push your knees out - don't let them turn in, keep your knees aligned with your toes
  • Go down to parallel level - Continue crouching until your hip joint is lower than your knee cap

Squatting at the parallel level will strengthen your knees as opposed to damaging your knees. If it will hurt your knees partial Squatting is just squatting 90 degrees. Partial Squat only works your front leg muscles (quads), not your back leg muscles (hamstrings). This causes muscle imbalances and knee pain. Partial Squat is also less effective and dangerous when it comes to getting stronger.

There are many different types of Squats. STRONG MUSCLES You will squat at 5 × 5 low bar. Low bar Squat means placing the bar on the lower part of your back instead of the top. Putting the bar on the lower back of your back, between your trapezoids and your back shoulder muscles carries the pressure to your hips that are stronger than your knees. So you can lift more weight and get stronger by squatting a low bar.

The safest way to squat is to do this in a Power Rack. If you miss the safety pins again, you will catch the weight and thus you will not be left under the weight. If your gym doesn't have a Power Rack, find a real gym. Or buy a Power Rack for your own home like I do. To get stronger, you must be able to Squat alone safely.

Bench press

STRENGTHS 5x5: 12-Week Training Program for Strengthening (Bodybuilding and Fitness) - GÜÇLÜYAŞA



STRONG MUSCLES In 5 × 5, you will perform Bench Press after Squat every training A day.
STRONG MUSCLES In 5 × 5, you will perform Bench Press after Squat every training A day. Slowly lower the bar to your chest and then push it up (press) until your elbows lock. Bench Press inside the Power Rack for maximum security.

Bench Press is a compound upper body workout. You do the Bench Press by laying on your back, lowering the bar over your chest and then pushing it up until your elbows lock. Bench Press works your chest, triceps (back arms) and shoulders. It also works your abdominal and back muscles to keep the bar steady, and your biceps (forearms) because you grip the bar tightly.
Bench Press is the most famous exercise of gyms. It is also an exercise that you can lift the most weight with your upper body. More than Overhead Press. This makes Bench Press the most effective strength and volume exercise for the upper body. You will be doing Bench Press in one of both STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 workouts.



Most people hurt their shoulder while doing Bench Press. Because these people often try to do the exercise in a bad way: with the bodybuilding style, that is, they make the elbows open 90 degrees to provide a greater chest tension. STRONG MUSCLES Do not do Bench like this in 5 × 5. Bend your elbows about 75 degrees. This way you will get stronger without hurting your shoulder.

STRONG MUSCLES In Bench Press 5 × 5, you must use the full range of motion. Using the full range of motion partial It gives you more strength and muscle compared to bench presses. Do not repeat half, do not leave your job half. Lower the barbell until it touches your chest. And when you are at the top, lock your elbows so that your weight is supported by your skeleton.

STRONG MUSCLES There is no such thing as Incline or Decline Bench Press in 5 × 5. You cannot distinguish your lower or upper chest. Your chest is a whole. Your chest muscles have to work very hard when you do heavy Bench Press. So when you increase the Bench Press to 100kg, your entire chest will expand.

Do the Bench Press inside a Power Rack to avoid the risk of being weighted. The safety pins of the Power Rack will catch the bar if you miss it again. If you don't have a Power Rack, you can ask someone in the gym to scout at you. Or do not attach a clamp to the bar so that if you get stuck, you can throw the weights to one side. However, in this case, it is best to use a safe Power Rack as the plates will fall to the floor and deal with you. 


STRENGTHS 5x5: 12-Week Training Program for Strengthening (Bodybuilding and Fitness) - GÜÇLÜYAŞA



STRONG MUSCLES In 5 × 5 you will do Deadlift after every Training B day after Squat and Overhead Press.
STRONG MUSCLES In 5 × 5 you will do Deadlift after every Training B day after Squat and Overhead Press. Pull the bar from the ground to your hips with a natural (neutral) waist posture.

Deadlift is a compound exercise that works the whole body. You do this exercise by lifting the weight from the floor to your hips. Deadlift works your hind leg muscles, hip muscles, front leg muscles and intimating muscles. But when doing a very heavy Deadlift, many other muscles need to work too: your arm muscles to grip the bar, your back muscles to prevent bending your spine, your abdominal muscles to stay in balance, and so on.
If Squat is the king of exercises, Deadlift is definitely the queen. Deadlift will be the exercise to lift the most weight. This exercise works even more muscle than Squat. And it provides a significant amount of growth hormone and testosterone in your body. That's why Deadlift is essential for strengthening and building muscle.



Most people are afraid to hurt their backs while doing Deadlift. The only way to prevent this not to let your waist bend. Let your posture be neutral (natural). In this way, you can have a stronger waist without being injured. At the same time, you will have the habit of removing things right from the ground without getting hurt when you are outside the gym. For example, when you carry Migros bags to your home.

One of the tricks you will use when making deadlifts is to think of it as a "push" exercise.

  1. Lift the weight off the ground with support from your feet, that is, by pushing the ground (think as if you were doing a leg press).
  2. Keep the bar in contact with your legs.
  3. When the bar reaches your knee level, push your hip forward.

When your hips and knees become locked, the lifting action ends. You don't have to lean back when you're on top. After lifting the weight, stand naturally for 1 second and put the weight back on the ground slowly.

STRONG MUSCLES You will do your standard Deadlift exercise by opening your legs wide at 5 × 5. You will not do Sumo Deadlift because the aim of the exercise is to strengthen your waist. You will also not be doing Romanian style or Stretched Leg Deadlift because you can lift more weight by making standard Deadlift.

Unlike other STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 exercises, Deadlift is made as 1 set with 5 reps instead of 5 × 5. It is very difficult to make a 5 × 5 Deadlift after doing a 5 × 5 Squat. Much different from Deadlift Squat, it is a monster exercise because every repetition (DEAD as its name) starts from a completely dead spot, the ground. If you make Deadlift 5 × 5, you will soon start to miss again and get stuck at the same spot.

Overhead press

STRENGTHS 5x5: 12-Week Training Program for Strengthening (Bodybuilding and Fitness) - GÜÇLÜYAŞA



STRONG MUSCLES You perform Overhead Press after Squat 5 × 5 on each Training B day.
Lift the bar from your shoulders over your head. Keep your knees locked over the entire exercise movement.



Overhead Press is a compound exercise that works the whole body. You do this exercise while standing still, lifting the weight off your shoulders until your elbows are locked. Overhead Press works your shoulders, triceps, and upper chest parts. It also works your legs, back, abdomen, and trapezes as you try to balance the weight.

Overhead Press is the best exercise if you want strong and wide shoulders. Overhead Press keeps your shoulders healthy and Bench Press mostly works your front shoulders, while Overhead Press works your back shoulder muscles. By doing Bench and Overhead Press exercises alternately, you also prevent imbalance.

Some people are very afraid to lift a weight over their heads. What they're afraid of is the falling weight or similar scenarios. But Overhead Press is perhaps the safest of all exercises because if you can't lift the weight it won't go up from your chest. Start lightly and progress by adding 2.5kg in each workout. Your self-confidence will gradually increase with the weights.

You can hurt your waist if you allow your waist to bend excessively. Just like with other exercises, you need to keep your back's natural (neutral) posture while doing Overhead Press. Keep your rib cage down and tighten your hip muscles firmly so they won't play. If you do not allow your waist to be curved, there will be no injuries.

Open your legs as wide as your hips while doing the Overhead Press. So you can reach the best balance and strength. Do not try to combine your heels and do Military Press or you will undermine your power. Do not try to do it in Push Press. Your legs should remain locked from start to finish. Otherwise, you will escape to the coke. If your legs move while lifting the weight, you are cheating, reduce the weight.

Start by lifting the bar from the Power Rack. If you do not have a Power Rack, take the weight off your shoulders by removing it from the ground. If your ceiling is too low, do the exercise outside. If you can't do that too, you can try Sitting Overhead Press. However, your back should always be in a natural (neutral) position because it is easier for you to hurt your waist in Overhead Press by sitting. Also, Sitting Overhead Press will not allow you to build strong abdominal muscles as well as Standing Overhead Press. 

Barbell row

STRENGTHS 5x5: 12-Week Training Program for Strengthening (Bodybuilding and Fitness) - GÜÇLÜYAŞA



STRONG MUSCLES In 5 × 5 you do Barbell Row after Squat and Bench Press on each Training Day.
STRONG MUSCLES In 5 × 5 you do Barbell Row after Squat and Bench Press on each Training Day.



With the bent over, lift the bar from the ground to your chest. Keep your waist in a neutral (neutral) position.

Barbell Row is a compound exercise that works the whole body. With the Barbell Row bent, the bar is made by pulling from the ground to the lower chest. This exercise back works the trapezes, wings and biceps. When doing Barbell Row, your lower back, leg and abdominal muscles also work to fix the weight.

The best exercise you can do to strengthen your back is Barbell Row. It allows you to develop in the Bench Press as it will increase your balance while lying on the bench bench. In addition, Barbell Row strengthens your back shoulder muscles, preventing imbalance or injuries and keeping your shoulders healthy and balanced.

To avoid low back pain, you should keep your waist in a natural (neutral) position when doing Barbell Row. Keep your chest up so that there is no curl on your waist. But do not force yourself too hard by bending your spine backwards excessively. With your rib cage down, highlight your chest so your waist will remain in its natural (neutral) position.

Start each rep with the bar on the ground, as in Deadlift. Push your knees outward to make it easier for the bar to go up. Your trunk may rise slightly while lifting the weight, but do not turn Barbell Row into Deadlift. If your body rises more than 15 degrees, the weight is too much. If your body is peeling due to difficulty, reduce the weight.


Before I installed a gym in my own home, I lifted weights in commercial gyms for 5 years. I bought my own equipment in 2014 and installed a gym in my family's home, which is about 10 kilometers from my apartment in Umraniye. I have been lifting weights there for more than 5 years. This has been one of the best investments I have made in my life since I have not paid gym fees for 5 years.

STRONG MUSCLES What is nice about 5 × 5 is that you don't need expensive machines that take up a lot of space. Only one barbell, bench, weight plates and power rack. You don't need a lot of space either. STRONG MUSCLES You can make 5 × 5 on your terrace, basement, in your garden or in a shed. STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5, one of my friends makes it on the fourth floor of the apartment. This means that you can strengthen your STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 without spending tons of time and money at home.



No longer,

  • Wasting money in gyms,
  • In order to go to the sports halls, you need to pour gas money into the car,
  • Spending time going to and from the gym,
  • Losing time while waiting for equipment sequence in the gym,


You can also work the way you want whenever you want and listen to the music you want when you exercise, without disturbing you or judging you. Setting up a home gym is a great option for serious athletes. However, if the gym near you has the equipment you need to get stronger, becoming a member may also be a good option. 

Power Rack

STRENGTHS 5x5: 12-Week Training Program for Strengthening (Bodybuilding and Fitness) - GÜÇLÜYAŞA



If you want to get strong without injuring yourself, you need a Power Rack.
If you want to get strong without injuring yourself, you need a Power Rack.



There are 4 vertical supports on a Power Rack. You use the upright protrusions to comfortably hold the bar on your back while squatting and to grip the bar comfortably and safely while bench pressing. If the weight is not light, you cannot put the bar on your back without the Power Rack in Squat. So you need a Power Rack to do heavy Squats and get stronger.

Unlike Smith Machine, the barbell is not fixed on rails in the Power Rack. You can do heavy Squat and Bench Press without having to sit in unnatural positions that can hurt your shoulders, knees and back.

If you are training alone at home without an exercise partner, you need a Power Rack to get strong without hurting yourself. Power Racks have two “security pins” standing horizontally. These pins will catch the bar if you miss it again when doing Squat or Bench Press with high weights.

Over the past 5 years, I have missed dozens of times in Squat and Bench Press. When I missed these repetitions, I was training alone in my home gym without my exercise partner. But I never hurt myself because the pins caught the weight every time. Therefore, POWERFUL MUSCLES Using a Power Rack at 5 × 5 is the golden key to getting stronger without injury.

Free weights are daunting. Most athletes (especially middle-aged and older ones) prefer machines because the weights are not likely to fall on them. However, although I have been lifting weights for 10 years, I can say with peace of mind that the bar never fell on me.

The secret is: Start lightly, lift the weight inside the Power Rack and add some more weight in every workout. Do it correctly, take control of your ego and whatever you do, but:

  • Do not use Smith Machine. In these machines, the weight is put on rails and forces your body to go straight up and down. These constant, unnatural movements hurt your shoulders, knees, and back. And you build “fake gym power” as the machine keeps the weight in balance, not yourself. Beware.
  • Do not use 3D Smith Machine. This latest invention explains why people were injured on the smith machine. Of course, the bar can now be moved not only vertically, but also horizontally. However, the machine still keeps the weight for you. So the machines are of poor quality compared to the free weights to build real world power.
  • Do not use Cybex or similar silly machines. Nothing beats free weights to get stronger, build muscle and burn fat quickly. If you are afraid of being injured while using free weights, start with the empty bar to build your confidence. Then continue working inside the Power Rack with the security pins open.

I prefer Power Rack because it is more robust and has a Pullup (Barfiks) bar. Check out the Power Rack models we recommend for STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5:

Olympic Weightlifting

Your most important piece of equipment is the Olympic Weightlifting. During all StrongLifts 5 × 5 workouts, you will use dumbbells when doing Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Overhead Press and Barbell Row exercises. However, you may not find Olympic Barbell in every gym. In some you will see dumbbells that are shorter, weighing 7 to 15 kg, with fixed arms and missing teeth. These dumbbells easily bend, hurt your wrists and reduce your grip.

STRENGTHS 5x5: 12-Week Training Program for Strengthening (Bodybuilding and Fitness) - GÜÇLÜYAŞA
If you want to get stronger, you need an Olympic Barbell like the picture above.
If you want to get stronger, you need an Olympic Barbell like the picture above. The difference of this halter is the following:
  • 218cm long (7 feet)
  • Weighing 20kg (45lb)
  • 28mm in diameter
  • 50mm rotating arms
  • great teeth for grip
  • can carry weight comfortably

If you don't know if your gym has an Olympic Bar, weigh it. First, stand alone, then on a scale with the bar and measure your weight. If the difference is 20kg, it is probably the Olympic Bar. Another method is to put 20kg weight plate on one side of the bar. In this case, the Olympic bars are not overturned, ordinary bars are overturned.

Although it seems tempting to run cheap when buying dumbbells, you get the value for your money. The reason is:

  • Olympic Dumbbells are definitely safer. When I put 100kg before, I worked with cheap dumbbells that bend. This is not safe at all. High weights are already daunting enough. Do not worsen the situation by using cheap dumbbells that can break in the middle of the set. Olympic Barbers are safer because they can handle more weight and don't bend very easily. This raises your self-confidence when you're under the bar.
  • Olympic Weightlifts increase your traction. I also worked with smooth and soft bars in the middle. These make it impossible to do heavy deadlifts, especially if you have constantly sweating hands. My Olympic Barbell has gears that increase its grip. There are even central gears that hold the bar in the correct position on my back when Squatting with high weights. Cheap bars have little or no teeth.
  • Olympic Barbell does not destroy your hands. Inexpensive bars with gears often act as a grater. Too aggressive, they cut the skin of your hand into tattered, even callus. On the other hand, Olympic Barbers have awesome gears that increase your grip without destroying your hands, shins and thighs while doing heavy Deadlifts.
  • Olympic Barbell does not hurt your joints. Cheap dumbbells usually have fixed arms. The ends of the bar where you put the plates do not turn. This increases joint pressure on your wrists and elbows and can hurt. It is not the case with Olympic Barbell - plates and arms rotate as you lift the weight. This is safer for your joints and increases your grip dramatically.

In summary, Olympic dumbbells make you feel more secure, increase your grip and reduce joint pressure. However, even if you buy a cheap barbell, you will most likely invest in the Olympic Weightlifting. So it will be cheap, then expensive. Do you already have a good barbell? I used my first Olympic dumbbell for 10 years. Then I gave it to him when my brother built a gym in his own home. A quality barbell maintains its lifetime durability.

You will find two types of Olympic Weightlifting on the market:

Power Dumbbells. These dumbbells are hard and do not "bounce" when you do Squat and Deadlift with high weights. Usually they have central gears to keep the bar in the correct position on your back. There is also a single ring on both sides of the bar that shows the places you will hold while doing Bench Press. The general features of these bars are as follows:

  • Hard steel. It facilitates controlled and slow movement with minimum bounce effect.
  • Central gears. Keeps rubbing on your back while squatting.
  • Aggressive / Deep gears. Provides a non-slip grip.
  • There are 810mm spaced ring marks.
  • Thicker 29mm-32mm shaft. Provides comfort while doing Squat and Bench Press.
  • Steel or brass screws. It provides ease in rotating the plates.

Weight Lifting Dumbbells. These bars are not as strong as power dumbbells. As with Squat or Deadlift, it bounces when you make heavy breakout or shrug moves. Weight Lifting Barbell bends easily and bounces the weight. Experts call it the "whip effect." The arms also rotate faster so you can quickly pass under the bar without stopping the grip. And it can remove multiple jumps in the head position without breaking. But Weight Lifting Barbell is much more expensive.

  • More flexible steel. Facilitates the desired whipping effect for shaking.
  • They have no central gears. Therefore, it does not scratch the front part of your neck during shaking.
  • Soft gears. Thus, it can be easily shifted during the transition from bar to catch.
  • There are 910mm spaced ring marks.
  • Thinner 28mm-28.5mm shaft. It creates good traction. (25mm women's barbell)
  • Roller bearings. The latest technology for a precise turn is found in these bars.

I have two dumbbells, but STRONG MUSCLES I always use the Power Barbell when doing the exercises at 5 × 5. Doing heavy Squats with Weight Lifting Barbell always feels strange. When I crouch, the bar seems to bounce over me. So you get a Power Barbell. A quality one will cost you about 700 TL.

My suggestions are:

STRONG MUSCLES You cannot work with kettlebell or dumbbells in 5 × 5. Since your goal is getting stronger, you should lift it heavy. You can lift the most weight with dumbbells. So use dumbbells for the STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 program.

Olympic Plates

Olympic Plates have 50mm holes to fit your Olympic Barbell. The largest 20kg plates are produced in 17 ”diameter to keep the dumbbell at the optimum height when making Deadlift and Barbell Row. Iron plates are the best. They are also the cheapest plates you can find. But if you're wondering about other license plates, what I'm thinking about them are:
  • Plates with a grip. Ordinary plates force you to bend and lift the plate to move the weight from one place to another. This raises your grip for Deadlift. Plates with a grip do not force you to do this because they already have their own holes to carry the weight. Safety matters, grab ordinary cast iron plates with both hands, nothing will happen.
  • Rubber coated plates. I used rubber plates for 10 years. These usually make less noise, but not when you put 180kg back on the ground. The rubber also cracks over time. Its appearance and grip is more friendly though, and it doesn't hurt if your finger falls between the two plates. However, use a rubber mat to prevent sound.
  • Buffered plates. It is made of hard rubber. It is designed for workouts like breakout so you can drop the weight on the ground without breaking your floor. STRONG MUSCLES In 5 × 5, you'll put the weight back under control, so you don't need expensive bumper plates that occupy a ton of space.
  • Hexagonal plates. These are not designed for dumbbells, but for machines. If you use them for Deadlift and Barbell Row, the weight goes down on the corners. This causes the weightlifting to roll and your technique to fail. Use round plates to avoid bleeding shin bones and low back pain.

Be simple. Get cheap iron plates. STRONG MUSCLES With 5 × 5 you get 140kg initially as you will get stronger than you think. The organization I recommend is this:

  • 4 20kg plates
  • 2 10kg plates
  • 2 5kg plates
  • 2 2.5kg plates
  • 2 1.25kg plates

Add the weight of the dumbbell (because you lift it too) so the total weight was 140kg. Olympic Weightlifts weigh 20kg. But you already know that!

I do not recommend 25kg plates. I bought 4 when I installed the gym in my house. But people are confused because it looks more than necessary. So I gave my 25's to my brother and bought myself 20kg plates instead. There is no need to cause confusion. Also doing math is easier.

Anyone who trains steadily 3 times a week can do 140kg of Deadlift in 1 year. My little brother did it in just 7 months with a weight of 70kg. That's why you will need more plates to keep getting stronger after a few months. In this case, buy an extra pair of 20kg plates and you will go until you break your next personal record.

My suggestions are:

Don't leave your plates in the middle!

Fractional Plates

Fractional plates are small weights of 1.25kg or less. Most gyms have 2.5kg plates that are larger. This forces you to add 2.5kg of weight to both sides of the bar. This does not cause any trouble for Squat and Deadlift for a while. But not forever, and you certainly can't do that in the Bench Press and Overhead Press.



The reason is: Bench Press and Overhead Press use smaller muscle groups than Squat and Deadlift. That's why you can't do Overhead Press with the weight you can Deadlift. Therefore, when you do the Overhead Press for the first time, you will struggle very hard. And again, adding 5kg of weight to Overhead Press is more difficult than adding it to Deadlift. Think:

  • Adding 5kg to 100kg Deadlift is %5 increase.
  • Adding the same 5kg to the 40kg Overhead Press .5 increase - more than double!
  • But adding 2.5kg to the 40kg Overhead Press is %6.25 increase - closer to the rate you added to Deadlift.

The same is true for the Bench Press. If you try to add 5kg in each workout in the STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 program, you will start missing again soon. Even after a while, you will be stuck with the same weight and you will be disappointed. So you need small weights of 1.25kg, especially if you are a skinny or female like me.

Small weights are expensive. You are already making money for it. Reducing the margin of error when producing smaller weight plates results in more cost. So don't be too stuck with the amount you pay per kilogram. The plates I recommend are:

In the meantime, you can put a chain of 1.25kg on both sides of the bar. Or you can stick the two metal ring clips together. Or you can add the ankle weights on either side. But I do not recommend doing any of these.

Bench Table

STRENGTHS 5x5: 12-Week Training Program for Strengthening (Bodybuilding and Fitness) - GÜÇLÜYAŞA



STRONG MUSCLES Every time you train A at 5 × 5, you will need a Bench stand to perform Bench Press.
STRONG MUSCLES Every time you train A at 5 × 5, you will need a Bench stand to perform Bench Press. But since you will always Bench in the Power Rack, you do not need to buy a Bench stand with upward projections. Staying in the Power Rack is safer if you are doing Bench alone without your training partner. It is impossible to get hurt because the safety pins will catch the bar so that you do not stay under the weight.

The trick is to buy a durable Bench bench. Cheap Bench coffee tables can break your feet and kill you. Note that the maximum weight of a coffee table usually includes your body weight. So if you are 75kg, you can carry a maximum weight of 75kg in a coffee table tested at 150kg. These STRONG MUSCLES are not enough for the 5 × 5 program.



You need a very durable coffee table. One that can carry at least 250kg. It should be 30cm / 12 ”wide so you can get the perfect upper back and shoulder support for maximum strength. Durable stands are approximately 17 ”high. If your height is short, put something on your feet to reach the appropriate height.

Avoid attached coffee tables to pinch your legs. First, it will get stuck on your legs as you set up the coffee table to do Bench Press. Secondly, you will have plenty of legs while doing heavy Squatting and plenty of abdominals while doing heavy Overhead Press. Therefore, there will be no effective use of those leg attachments, you will have wasted money.

You also don't need an adjustable coffee table, because POWERFUL MUSCLES You'll have a flat Bench Press at 5 × 5. No decline or incline. Don't panic - raising your Bench Press to 100kg will raise your "upper chest" to death. Your upper and lower chest will work in one motion. We don't do bodybuilding here.

So get a simple flat coffee table. Here are my suggestions for STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5:


Chalk is a kind of powder that you put on your hands to lift more weight. Gymnasts and rock climbers also use this powder. Chalk dramatically increases your grip by stopping moisture from sweat. Chalk also fills your skin layers trapped under the bar, preventing callus formation.

Chalk is not baby powder. Baby powder is usually made of talc and lubricant. Some power coaches apply baby powder to prevent friction while doing heavy Deadlift to their legs. But they never put baby powder in their hands because it makes the barbell slippery and makes it difficult to hold.



Chalk is not chalk chalk. The chalk you use on primary and high school boards is usually made of calcium sulfate. STRONG MUSCLES For the 5 × 5 training program, you need chalk made of magnesium carbonate.

STRONG MUSCLES Since the weights will be light in the first weeks of 5 × 5, you will not need to use chalk. However, when the weight increases, you will struggle to do five reps on Deadlift. The bar will slip out of your hands, or even will not want to get up off the ground. Use chalk so there will be a sudden increase in your grip.

I do all my warm up sets without using chalk. Legendary power trainer Andy Bolton once stated that he did this to increase grip power. I have been rubbing my hands in chalk to increase my grip during heavy sets since I first heard about this. Apply chalk to your skin layers to prevent callus formation, so your skin won't be trapped under the bar.

Some gyms do not allow the use of chalk because they leave dust everywhere. The best alternative to this is liquid chalk. Liquid chalk is magnesium carbonate dissolved in alcohol. When you apply liquid chalk to your hand, alcohol evaporates, leaving a thin layer of chalk without smudges. Therefore, liquid chalk does not pollute.

Some people use Eco Ball. I had used chalk ball for rock climbing in Antalya before, but I did not like it. I finally tear it apart because it did not leave enough chalk powder on my hands. Ordinary chalk is better than all I think.

The chalks that I recommend are:

STRONG MUSCLES Do not use gloves at 5 × 5. The glove thickens the bar and makes it more difficult to hold. It also creates wrist pain and does not stop callus. Callus is a byproduct of heavy lifting, just like building muscle, so get used to it. Use chalk, hold the bar properly and shave your calluses once a week, that's it.

STRONG MUSCLES Do not use the tapes made to hold the barbell at 5 × 5. Doing every exercise and set with tapes reduces your grip. You want to strengthen your whole body, including your grip. The best way to do this is to naturally lift weights without tapes. I routinely lift 180kg with bare hands. Using only chalk. You can do this too


First, like most people, I started to Squat with running shoes. Now I look back and laugh because I would never do it today. Running shoes are for jogging. Not to squat. Even if you prefer to do STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 with running shoes, I will say that they will happen; You can have knee pain, hurt your back, and stay on the same weight.

Don't Squat with running shoes. The reason is: Running shoes often have sole with air gaps, made of gel or other spongy material. This has a cushion effect on your feet as you run. This cushion sole is for absorbing the impact that occurs whenever your feet hit the ground as you run. And even if this is perhaps a good idea to run, it's definitely NOT for lifting weights.



Squatting with running shoes is like Squatting on a trampoline. The spongy base is trapped under the weight. This makes it almost impossible to keep your technique under control and lift it in the correct position. Squatting in the wrong position is the number 1 factor in your back and knee pain. And it causes you to remain gravel with the same weight.

What I'm trying to say is this: you need hard soles shoes. A base that doesn't get stuck under high weight. Test it. Squat a set barefoot. Without a foot trapped between your foot and the floor. I always do this with new athletes who do not want to leave their running shoes. Squat formats are improving instantly.

Which does not mean that I recommend barefoot lifting. This is just a test. In fact, I would never Squat barefoot. You need traction when lifting weights. Your feet should remain locked in the correct position. Lifting weights with barefoot or socks reduces traction to zero. Your feet may slip. Not suitable for heavy lifting.

In 2010, I heard that Louis Simmons is a Converse fan. After that, I left the running shoes and bought a pair of Converse shoes. The flat bottom of the conversees has solid traction and are inexpensive. I have been Squatting with Converse for 10 years and I have reached them in a 180kg personal record. This is the best shoes on the market for STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5.

That's why you will find that half of the gym wears Converse, while there are those who do the STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 program. I have another pair of Converse that I wear outside the gym. They are so comfortable. Take care to take it in a size you feel comfortable so that your foot does not play inside the shoe. I think that the high-end people make them more comfortable when doing Squat than the low-one.

I also have weightlifting shoes. But I don't like wearing them when doing Low Bar Squat because their heels bump me forward. I have another pair of shoes that I have been using lately and fit better on my wide feet. I still recommend Chuck Taylor's Converse to you.


The belt allows you to lift more weight than usual. It feels like you are applying strength to your abdominal muscles by pushing the belt. As a result, your abdominal muscles become more tight and stronger. This strengthens your core and supports your back while lifting weights. Contrary to what most bodybuilders think, your abdominal muscles do not become weak when you lift weights with a belt. On the contrary, it gets stronger.

However, belts cannot prevent injuries caused by lifting weights in the wrong position. If you lean your waist when you bend while doing Deadlift exercise, you will hurt your waist. If you push your waist too far when you get up, you will hurt again. This is so with or without a belt. Belt injuries can be much worse because the weights you lift in the wrong position are much more thanks to that belt.



What I am trying to explain is this: Lifting the weight in the right position is the sine qua non of strengthening without being hurt. If you experience low back pain while deadlifting, do not wear a belt for a while. The belt will give you a false sense of security and encourage you to continue lifting weights in the wrong position. This makes things worse. Instead, correct your wrong posture. Thus, you can strengthen painlessly and painlessly.

Therefore, we do not recommend wearing a belt when you have just started STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5. First, find out what the correct posture is, while lifting the weight, make sure that your waist remains in its natural (neutral) position, Build a good foundation. We will write exercise guides with more details in the future, stay with us.

At the end of the first 12 weeks, you should have learned the correct position and be doing approximately 100kg of Squats. After that, you can add the belt to your program to help you get stronger and stay on the same weight. Wear the belt only on your last warm-up set and 5 × 5 sets so your abdominal muscles work from both sides. Never wear a belt during the entire workout.

When you search for a belt, get a belt with the same width all around. Remember, the goal is to apply strength by pushing the belt of the abdominal muscles. A bodybuilding belt with a narrow front won't help you get stronger. Get a 4 inch belt on each side.

Single-prong belts are easier to wear than two-prong belts. Forked belts are easier than lever belts (screwdriver required) when a different adjustment is required for each movement. If you are not over 100kg (In this case, take 13mm) 10mm thickness is perfect. What I recommend are:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 5 × 5 and what does it mean?

5 × 5 means five sets of five repetitions made with the same weight. So 5 × 5 100kg Squat means making five sets of five repetitions using 100kg in each of the five sets. Do not jump directly to this weight when cold and at first make your warm-up sets with lighter weights.

What is 1 × 5 and what does it mean?

1 × 5 means a set of five repetitions made with the same weight. One repeat does not mean five sets. So 1 × 5 120kg Deadlift means making a set of five repetitions 120kg Deadlift.

The rest period should be one second (without bounce) between the repetitions. Do not wait 10 seconds between your reps, otherwise you would have made a single, which is not the same as a set of five reps.

Why only 1 × 5 Deadlift, not 5 × 5?

Deadlift is done in the form of five repetitions, not just five sets, like other STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 exercises. The reason for this is that Deadlift is tiring you. You ask why?
  • In Deadlift, it starts again from the dead spot, that is, the ground
  • Deadlift uses more muscle groups than other exercises
  • Deadlift allows you to lift more weights than other exercises

Most experienced bodybuilders agree that 5 × 5 Deadlift is more difficult than 5 × 5 Squats. Worse is that after having a brutal 5 × 5 Squat session, you have to do a 5 × 5 Deadlift at the end of your workout.

STRONG MUSCLES With 5 × 5 weights still lighter, you can roll up with 5 × 5 Deadlifts. However, when you go to high weights, your pulp will come out. In Deadlift, Squat, and similar exercises, you will stay on the same weight. When your deadlifts get heavier, you'll be thankful that you finished your workout as 1 × 5, not 5 × 5. 😀

Keep this in a corner of your mind, it works like Squat and Deadlift muscles. Strengthening in Squat empowers you in Deadlift. You rarely need to do more than a set of five reps to get your Deadlift up to 180kg. My little brother made his own Deadlift up to 170kg in 7 months, just by making 1 × 5.

If you love to do Deadlift very much, do 5 reps on your warm-up sets. Thus, 1 × 5 140kg Deadlift: 5x60kg, 5x80kg, 5x100kg, 5x120kg, 5x140kg. This way, instead of staying at the same weight of 5 × 5, you increase the weight and make several sets with five repetitions. As such, you will run more muscles without experiencing the stress of 5 × 5 140kg.

How Much Weight Should I Start?

If you start with too much weight, your legs will start to hurt prematurely, causing you to skip workouts from the first week. It is best to start light, so your body gets used to Squatting 3 times a week. The weight will increase rapidly because you add 2.5kg in each workout (which means 30kg in Squat every month).



If you've done Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift before, you can start with of the record weight you can do up to five reps with good technique. If you've never done these exercises before, or you haven't been lifting weights for years, or when I say "maximum five replay records," What is this? If you say, start with the following weights:

  • Squat, Bench Press, Overhead Press: 20kg. This is the weight of the empty Olympic Weightlifting.
  • Deadlift: 40kg. Empty bar + 10kg plate on both sides.
  • Barbell Row: 30kg. Empty bar + 5kg plate on both sides.

Truth be told, you should start with Deadlift and Barbell Row with more weight because you can't do these exercises by holding an empty bar in the air. The weight should touch the ground at the beginning of each rep, so start by putting weight on the bar. 

How Much Should I Rest Between Sets?

Enough to do five reps on your next set. STRONG MUSCLES In the first weeks of 5 × 5, you will not need to listen much between sets while the weight is still light. However, as the weight increases and becomes more demanding over time, you will need more rest between the sets. My suggestion is:
  • 1dk30sn if it was easy to do five reps on your last set
  • 3min if you have difficulty doing five reps on your last set
  • 5min if you missed your last set again

The golden key to empowerment is 3-5 minutes of rest after a set of five reps, a challenge. Give your central nervous system time to restore strength between sets. If you wait just a minute after a hard set, you risk losing your next set and staying on the same weight. Wait 3-5 minutes and this way you are more likely to do five repetitions smoothly and get stronger.

If you have a smartphone, rest for the amount of time you need to rest before you can get stronger using the built-in timer.

Otherwise, pay your attention to your heartbeat. I usually breathe very quickly as my heart rate accelerates after a difficult set of five repetitions of Squats. When my heartbeat returns to normal, it usually means I'm ready for my next set.

As the weight increases, do not rest between your warm-up sets to keep your workouts short. Put the weight on the bar and make your next set. After that, rest more between your five sets.

What Should I Do Between Sets?

Focus and don't disturb your concentration. Avoid talking to people or playing with your phone (to use our site, of course, separate, haha). Socializing before and after training is great, but not during training. You don't want to be distracted, take a 15-minute break between sets, cool down and have a focus problem, and then miss out again, right?

The right method that works is to sit on the bench and revive yourself with the next set in the right position. I like to stand up between my sets and walk around a bit. But I don't like it when people start talking a lot, especially in Squat. You need to focus to get stronger.



Do not do your exercises in the form of supersets. Do not Squat five times, then Bench Press five times, and then go back to Squat again. You should rest between exercises so your body can recover its strength for the next set. If you do your exercises in the form of supersets, you will be overwhelmed and lift less weight. Your goal is to lift heavy to get stronger. Rest between sets so you can lift heavy. 

How Much Should I Rest Between Different Exercises?

You don't need to rest between different exercises. After Squat, I empty the bar, prepare my equipment for Bench and Overhead Press and start warming up with the empty bar. Until I start working 5 × 5 weight again, my central nervous system regains its strength. I also discovered that not resting between exercises helps me keep my workouts short.

How Fast Should I Uninstall? How should the tempo be?

STRONG MUSCLES There is no tempo in 5 × 5. In the first weeks, while the weights are still light, lift the weight in a controlled manner. Don't go too fast because this makes it difficult to practice and lift in the right position. But don't go too slow either. Only when lifting and lowering the bar controlled be.



After the first 12 weeks, when you have more experience and have learned the right posture, lift it as fast as you can lift when going up. If you lift the weight quickly while going up, you can lift more weight and get stronger. Keep weight under control when going down, do not drop it on the ground. But don't be slow.

Do not lift slowly with the thought that I will build more muscle. The golden key to lifting crazy weights and strengthening is to lift quickly while going up. The stronger you are, the more muscular you will be. So be quick but controlled when going up after you start to trust yourself in the right posture.

How should I warm up?

Start Squat, Bench Press, and Overhead Press by warming up with two sets of five repetitions with an empty bar. Then add 10-20kg and do 2-3 reps. Continue adding 10-20kg until you reach your 5 × 5 weight by doing 2-3 repetitions in each set. To keep your workout short, do not rest between these warm-up sets.



This means that STRONG MUSCLES In the first weeks of 5 × 5, you won't be doing warmup sets in Squat, Bench and Overhead Press because your weight of 5 × 5 will be on the empty bar or a little on it. But when you start lifting 5 × 5 30kg, do two sets of warm-up with empty bar in Squat, Bench Press and Overhead Press exercises.

You cannot make empty bar warming sets in Barbell Row and Deadlift. To create a proper position, the bar at the beginning level should be in the middle of your shin, you cannot hold the bar in the air. However, since you do compound exercises, your whole body will already be warmed until you start doing Barbell Row and Deadlift. So you can start more heavily at this point.

Never make a very heavy 5 × 5 program without making lighter warm-up sets. You will feel the 5 × 5 weight much heavier, and you may miss it again and even hurt yourself.

Start with the empty bar and progress with increasing weight over time so that you warm up your muscles and practice the correct position. This makes it easier to lift the 5 × 5 weight and does not hurt the hurt.

Doing pre-workout cardio is inadequate, it can even work against you. Doing cardio has nothing to do with Squat work. By doing cardio, you will not practice the correct Squat position. That's why you have to make bar warming sets anyway. Worse yet, doing too much cardio before training makes your legs worn out and makes it harder for you to squat heavily. So do the warm-ups with a barbell.

How should I breathe?

If you do not think, you will breathe correctly. Lifting weights is not the same as running. Staying firm is the golden key to lifting big weights without getting hurt. For this reason, when you take something heavy from the ground, you automatically take a big breath and hold it until you lift it.

This technique is called "valsalva maneuver". Breathe greatly, hold your breath, lift the weight and exhale. By breathing big, you increase the pressure in your abdomen. In this way, you will reduce the risk of waist injuries because your "core" will be tighter. My suggestion on how to do it is this:
  • Squat. Take a big breath above before going down in Squat. Hold your breath as you descend, hold it down as well, then slowly exhale as you go up.
  • Bench Press. Take a big breath above. Repeat as much as you can in the right position, exhale above if necessary. I usually do three or five repetitions with one breath.
  • Deadlift. Take a big breath below before lifting. Hold your breath as you go up. Hold your breath by standing firmly above. Or hold your breath above, give it when you lower the bar again.
  • Overhead Press. Take a big breath with the bar down, repeat as much as you can while maintaining the correct position. Whenever you need above or below, take your breath away (better but harder when above).
  • Barbell Row. Take a big breath with the bar down. Repeat as much as you can while maintaining the correct position. Breathe down when you need it, so when the bar is on the ground.

DO NOT breathe when you are at the bottom in Squat. You can lose the tightness in your core and hurt your waist. If you want, you can breathe with snarling while going up (I sometimes do this on Hard Squat sets). But be sure to stand tight at the bottom while Squatting.

Indeed, if you hold your breath, your blood pressure will increase. However, when your set is finished, it returns to its normal state. Also, lifting weights improves blood pressure. It has been proven.

Can I Change the Order of the Exercises?

No. The order of exercises is not randomly arranged. It is arranged in this way because it works best in this way. The reason is:
  • You have to Squat first. Because Squat is the most important exercise to get stronger. If you do Squat at the end of the workout, it is easier to pass when you are tired and exhausted. When you're vigorous, do the first Squat so you can always Squat without missing it. If someone else is working on the Power Rack, wait or ask if you can work together.
  • Secondly, you should perform Bench / Overhead Press. So your legs and waist will take a break. You'll need these muscles again to make heavy Deadlift and Barbell Row. Secondly, doing the Presses gives your lower body time to recover.
  • Third, you should do Barbell Row / Deadlift. Because for these you need your legs and waist again. But secondly, because you did the Press movements, you've given your body time to regain strength after heavy Squats at the start of your workout.

It is not a good idea to change the order of Deadlift with Squat by making Deadlift first. Many bodybuilders think it's easier to do Deadlift first and then Squat. But they don't think Squatting is more difficult than Deadlift. Therefore, stick to the order of exercises. And don't hesitate to ask if you can work together even if the Power Rack is full - maybe you can even find a new workout partner this way.

Can I do Training A and B on the Same Day?

No. While weights are still light in the first weeks, you can easily get out of this job. But as weights increase, Squat alone will tire you so much that you won't even think of doing more than three exercises per workout. For this reason, training twice on the same day becomes a strategy you can never pursue in the long run.

If the workout feels very light and you want to work harder then increase the weights to increase the intensity. Add 5kg instead of 2.5kg in each workout. This action will quickly increase the intensity of STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 training and give you more challenges. The issue is not the amount of exercises you do, but the intensity.

Can I Work Two Days in a Row?

No. Your body and mind need rest and recovery in order to reclaim their strength. In the first weeks, while the weights are still light, you can work two days in a row and easily get out of this job. But as weights in the barbell increase, you'll need rest to heal, strengthen, and build muscle between the two workouts. You will even be thankful that you have rest time to recover.

If the workout feels very light and you want to work harder then increase the weights to increase the intensity. Add 5kg or more per workout, then return to 2.5kg increments as workouts become harder. 

What if I fail to do five repetitions?

If you have not yet completed five sets in that exercise, wait five minutes for your central nervous system to recover. Then make your next set with the same weight and try to do five reps. Take a deep breath and quickly lift the weight as you go up. This helps you do your repetitions.



If you missed any of your five sets again, don't add 2.5kg of weight to that workout in the next workout. Lift the same weight again. So if you made 5/5/5/4/3 x 100kg on Squat (missed again on the 4th and 5th set) try to make 5 × 5 Squats with the same weight in the next workout.

What if you don't miss out on Squat again and not on Bench Press and Barbell Row? Then add 2.5kg of weight to Bench and Row in the next A workout. However, don't add weight to this exercise because you missed it again in Squat exercise. You should repeat the same weight only in the type of exercise you missed, not in all exercises.

Other mistakes you should avoid are:

  • Never do more than 5 × 5 with the same weight. If you only did three repetitions in the fifth set, don't try a sixth set to make the five replays you missed. Maximum five sets, no more.
  • Never lose weight during training. If you do five reps in the first set and three in the second set, do not reduce the weight. Use the same weight for the next three sets and try to do the best you can.
  • Never increase the weight when you miss it again. If you could not do five reps per set in one exercise, you have to lift the same weight for that exercise in the next workout. Do not increase the weight.

If you say I am arab, if I understand, read this title again from the beginning.

What Will Happen If I Stick at the Same Weight?

You will go one step back and go two steps forward. This will be as follows:



If you fail to do 5 × 5 in one exercise consecutively for three workouts, simply reduce the weight by for that exercise. This is called unloading. This gives your body extra rest time and prevents the idea of staying on the same weight in your mind.

So if you haven't managed to do 5 × 5 in Squat with three training sessions of 100kg, unload until the weight is 90kg in the next workout. This weight may seem light, but take it seriously. Focus on the right position, be quick when going up, and breathe correctly. Add 5kg in each workout until it is 100kg again. You will succeed.

Attention please!!! You should only do the unloading three times in a row for exercise that you failed to do 5 × 5. If you're stuck with the same weight in Squat, not in Bench Press or Barbell Row, then you just unload the Squat exercise. Other exercises continue to increase by 2.5kg in each workout.

STRONG MUSCLES How Long Should I Do 5 × 5?

As long as you keep getting stronger. STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5 NOT a 12 week program. 12 weeks is just the beginning. 12 weeks is just a test drive to give your body proof that this program works to get stronger. Most athletes can continue to get stronger in 16 weeks, 24 weeks, and some 52 weeks with the POWERFUL MUSCLES 5 × 5 program!

You will see that it is time to switch to a more advanced program when you can no longer add 2.5kg in each workout. Now you can repeat the same weight three times a week, unload and 3 × 5, 3 × 3, etc. you will know when you cannot get stronger even though you drop it…

Many athletes wonder exactly what weight they need to change programs. But there is no such thing. When you need to make program changes, it contains a lot of variables, for example; your body weight, age, form, sleep patterns, diet, regular sports, loyalty, loyalty, and more.

If we do a finger calculation, you may need to make changes when you are doing Squats between 100kg and 140kg. The better your form, the better you sleep, the better your diet, the more regular you go to sports, the bigger you are, the stronger muscles you make 5 × 5.

Can women make STRONG MUSCLES 5 × 5?

Yes he can. My girlfriend is doing it. It even does the same exercises, sets and repetitions that I did. The only difference is this:
  • The empty bar can be heavy. I first made my girlfriend goblet Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press with kettlebell (girya). Now he is doing 5 × 5 with 50kg (with the weight of the bar).
  • You will need Fractional Plates. Adding 1.25kg in each workout in Bench and Overhead Press may be too much for some women. This is because women usually have less muscle in their upper body than men. My girlfriend has been increasing 1kg since she started Bench and Overhead Press.

Other than that, there is no difference. Remember, lifting weights doesn't make you burly. I have been lifting weights for 10 years and I'm not big at all. It started when my girlfriend was 50kg and she is still at the same weight, although she does 5kg 5 × 5 Squats. People ask, "Did you lose weight?" Because muscle is more dense than fat.

What if I fail to do five repetitions?

If you have any questions, use one of the following two methods to contact us immediately:
  • Get included in the daily mailing list. For access to answers to questions we receive every day via e-mail and other tips clicking here register (registration is free). Many people find our daily emails very motivating.
  • Use the contact form on our website. To post your question on our website contact form use. Since we have received a lot of e-mails, we ask you to keep it short and turn directly to the subject. Thank you for your understanding

How Can I Learn More About Exercises?

We will prepare detailed guides on how to do Squat, Bench Press, Overhead Press, Deadlift and Barbell Row exercises in the POWERFUL MUSCLES 5 × 5 program. It is important to learn how to do the exercises correctly by getting these guides. The reason for this is the following:
  • If you cannot do the exercises correctly, you cannot get stronger. Doing the wrong exercises while doing the exercises does not work your muscles and causes you to stop to strengthen. If you do the exercises correctly, you will apply the necessary formula to get stronger because the correct muscles will work.
  • If you cannot do the exercises correctly, you can hurt yourself. It is very important to do the exercises correctly. If you can not get the right position while doing the exercises, you can hurt yourself, injured and even maim. In such a situation, you may postpone strengthening and what you want to do, as sometimes a recovery period of weeks or months may be required.
  • If you cannot do the exercises correctly, you may harm someone else. Doing it wrong while doing the exercises endangers not only you, but also other people doing sports around you. Imagine that when doing Bench Press, you put your elbow at the wrong angle and injured someone else's foot by dropping the dumbbell. Lawyers, courts, quarrels, noise and unpleasant fines cost you a lot.

Squat, Bench Press, Overhead Press, Deadlift and Barbell Row are the must-have exercises of the Strong Muscles 5 × 5 program. With these exercises, you will get stronger, burn fat and get in shape. To read detailed exercise guides, please click here.


  • How to make a squat?
  • How is Bench Press done?
  • How is Deadlift made?
  • How is Overhead Press done?
  • How to make Barbell Row?


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